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  1. Yeah, there wasn't too long ago a request for conditional replace, similar to find-by-key/value except as another key/value as the primary condition. If you want to do things that way I'd recommend starting small, by label then. So you filter one label at a time, or just do each individually right now if the scripts previously in the thread don't help.

  2. I wouldn't call sparse files BROKEN, however when files have > 65534 chunks of sparse data, the OS was breaking. This is of course very unlikely in small files, but when you get into the multi-gigabyte files it becomes more of an issue.

    So, to note, files are only made sparse on creation. So, turn it ON make new files.

  3. ... IF @ 0 uT is still accepting UTP connections, that is a bug http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=393902#p393902 (I could not reproduce)

    [2009-05-22 01:47:56] Incoming connection from

    [2009-05-22 01:47:57] [utp]: Disconnect: Banned

    Testing multiple connection attempts on LAN peers, I didn't see this multiple connection behavior :/ sorry.

    Edit: seems they did backport disabling TCP and make bt.transp_disposition=0 work correctly, as http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=399544#p399544 says that 1.8.2 still accepts incoming. Fortunately, I don't see that. :/

  4. If you don't see autoload there in the preferences clear enough, maybe http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=57772 can help. I put in some pictures for others who needed to restore torrents, using the autoload folder.

    If the script is misbehaving, do some searching, see if anyone else uses it, if not create a new troubleshooting thread. Your problem appears to be completely unrelated to the beta :)

  5. Yeah that's correct. So you're not using autoload, your script gets it, and you manually click drag or Ctrl-O the torrents in?

    Does D: exist? If you click the (...) Browse button next to DOWNLOAD, does explorer show the correct folder?

  6. Confirming ICLeoLion's report. About the performance. net.calc_overhead, ... massive CPU overhead. picture

    FTR: net.calc_overhead is the only difference. I'm running bt.transp_disposition = 15

    With a set limit of 9, calc_overhead = ON it averages 8.6-8.8, OFF it averages 9.4-9.6. I am only downloading sustained ~ 300 KiB/sec though.

  7. On each scroll to the top of the page that happens, or does more data get removed each time? Are you using any browser extensions? Which theme is that, Cobalt? It seems odd that the #INBOX div's are the only things affected. I presume nothing happens in the forum footer?

  8. You have a point there Switeck, but it still seems odd to me. I max 10Mbit down and my upload goes to shit, but I still only see the expected 8-12% overhead, i.e. i add in 12% of 10Mbit to my 5-8 KiBps upload and get the values in bytes sent/interval in the Networking tab of Task Manager. Must re-test with linux ISOs over LAN again :/

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