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  1. Thanks but.. it's in the readme, and your download link should go to http://utorrent.com/download.php . I'd call this half-hearted marketing for your site, but maybe that's just me.
  2. Read the sticky. There are mods out.
  3. ... You need to run an HTTP daemon, and set it up so it understands x-bittorrent MIMEtype. Or maybe that last part is or trackers. Honestly I'd be amazed if a 3 year old link worked. Edit: Since when did bittornado operate scarywater? It may be found @ http://bittornado.com nontheless... search some.
  4. Download the .rar . Unpack the .rar. READ the readme. MOVE the .zip file correctly. Enable WebUI in Preferences of uT (Ctrl-P) http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Where_are_the_settings_and_.torrent_files_stored.3F
  5. It's not going to spur any more development... there's already more frontends than I could even imagine.
  6. Who said Directrix gets paid? And what about the sticky which mentions that exact reason isn't clear?
  7. Doubtful. Default settings/plugin frontend are not built for shiney features. The multi language WebUI thread has some nifty stuff ... newly added speed tab. Keep in mind when the original development was there, ff and ie7 weren't as established. Given IE6's shitty "standards" support it nothing should be coded-for IE6... I'm only slightly more approving of IE7 since it doesn't assume the web is broken from MS's "standards" by default.
  8. The backend is only updated as often as new builds are released. The WebUI ... has worked fine since release, and the new version is anticipated for making more of the UI available. As it stands now what do you think it's lacking?
  9. Only .com and .net thank you. WebUI and uT correctly pull TLDs from the DNS servers.
  10. See previous question... where are you saving? Did you check permissions? Are you running any http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Incompatible_software
  11. Yeah, without Administrator access equivalent, you cannot alter %PROGRAM FILES% in Vista.
  12. Sorry for the delay I have more stats... on a faster computer. for both ED and my 3 test files... actually, 2 of the same as above, with 1 not. Preliminary results: (good for a chart... all my previous values could be (1.2GHz Jewel) -- this one is dual-core 2.16GHz, but I only use 1 core in VM) OK format for values are: TITLE<CR><LF> file_name decode_time treeview_time replacements(previously established)@speed_in_seconds(no decimal where there is no internal timer)<CR><LF><CR><LF> 6.6 111 2.565 2.475 514@3.501 TAS 4.502 3,827 853@5.915 _uT 15.743 14.042 4226@25.885 ED_360 6.413 14.873 6.4 111 2.762 4.482 514@35 TAS 4.300 3.858 853@72 _uT 17.398 15.598 4226@(at least 10 minutes) ED_360 6.008 13.276 6.3 111 2.679 2.781 514@49 TAS 4.528 4.017 853@90 _uT 16.329 14.798 4226@21:22 ED_360 6.64 13.318 6.1 111 3.007 4.033 TAS 4.804 6.135 _uT 17.832 22.627 ED_360 5.855 14.222 5.0306 111 3.507 5.060 TAS 5.530 8.085 _uT 20.551 29.850 ED_360 6.989 17.605 5.0118 111 3.454 7.197 TAS 5.650 11.624 _uT 20.528 42.695 ED_360 6.709 26.376 4.1205 111 3.911 7.280 TAS 6.386 11.666 _uT 24.392 43.005 ED_360 7.634 22.962 3.1125 111 6 20 TAS 9 33 _uT 34 120 ED_360 10 64 These are the only .2 values since well.. I won't be testing mass replace, and i'm counting the little 6 second intervals in procexp for this access data... That and extra large torrents aren't handled well... the data is buffered in... some in the beginning, and slowly throughout. Afterwards 2.1025 111 12 18 TAS 21 33 _uT 144 120 ED_360 16/325 60 v6 6 [14:13:26] [bDecode] Start: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\BFE\111.resume.dat" [14:13:29] [bDecode] End (2.565 seconds) [14:13:29] [TreeView Fill] Start [14:13:31] [TreeView Fill] End (2.475 seconds) [14:14:20] [Find/Replace] Made 514 replacement(s) in 3.501 second(s) [14:14:58] [bDecode] Start: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\BFE\TAS.resume.dat" [14:15:02] [bDecode] End (4.502 seconds) [14:15:03] [TreeView Fill] Start [14:15:06] [TreeView Fill] End (3.827 seconds) [14:15:22] [Find/Replace] Made 853 replacement(s) in 5.915 second(s) [14:15:35] [bDecode] Start: "C:\Documents and Settings\Administrator\Desktop\BFE\uT.resume.dat" [14:15:51] [bDecode] End (15.743 seconds) [14:15:51] [TreeView Fill] Start [14:16:05] [TreeView Fill] End (14.042 seconds) [14:16:57] [Find/Replace] Made 4226 replacement(s) in 25.885 second(s) 59124K ED upcoming...
  13. except that for 8 Mbit down you should be getting nigh 1 MBYTE per second down. That's well over 10x your 90
  14. <cheers> Here's to hoping this gets implemented after seeing your (OOOOLD) request/discussion about it... albeit without quite as much information. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=11459
  15. The official maintainer is Directrix...
  16. Yeah, unless the NAS can run WINE... you're better off using libtorrent-based bittorrent client in the embedded device. I hear you about electricity... though if you have a dedicated bittorrent box, you don't need to have it use so much power. It likely doesn't need optical drives, or a monitor... but those savings would probably be reduced by the extra PSU and hard drives you stick in it.
  17. Both links work here. It's your setup.... or your browser.
  18. Which webui version? as in which did you download... your setup is broken somehow either due to OS/location/permission problems And no, your masking is SOOO GOOD I don't see any gradient. STILL don't.
  19. Guest doesn't have any interactivity.. it loads, and that's it. Your picture is... blank, if you didn't notice. You're not even running a URL
  20. By testing bencoding.. you mean testing speed again (as usual)? The dialog for regex is exciting.
  21. If you want personal help don't use the "ISPs that throttle/interfere with BitTorrent" thread already established with a topic for your topic. If you're downloading @ 24 KiBps http://utorrent.com/faq.php#What_does_Download_Limited_in_the_status_bar_mean.3F may apply to you... I find it hard to believe but not impossible that Comcast has simply shaped all traffic now... but you have to know what your connection does since your ISP does not care about you. Test with the OpenOffice or Slackware torrents for 1-3 minutes every hour you can, and make a chart. If it's always between 4p-2a like on Bell internet in .CA ( http://www.thestar.com/sciencetech/article/407730 ), then you know what's up
  22. If you're rendering the page in UTF-8 probably not :/
  23. You need to go from your resume.dat.bad or resume.dat.old from just before that modified time... OR alternatively ANY resume.* files which are > 1 KiB. If you don't have them you're out of luck right now. You can go through my ideas for backing up your data @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=287849#p287849 which includes how to "easily" re-add lost torrents you still have in your torrent storage location. (easily in "" because it depends on your layout and organization scheme)
  24. Correct. Here's one batch.... and here's the other Right click Save as, ^<-_first is 1.3 to 1.5 packed EXEs second is unpacked EXEs_->^ Yeah mediafire.com is working but savefile.com and zshare.net are down right now. They're back up now.
  25. I provided links. Click and un-rar the two large uT icon "pictures" I created.
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