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  1. Beta version of what? uT 1.8 is not a RAR. If you downloaded a RAR delete it before opening it. It is likely BAD for your computer. You will find 1.8 Beta in the Announcements forum.
  2. ... You can already copy-paste between files. Ctrl-V is paste. You can ONLY sort dictionaries. No problem copy-pasting an empty announce-list here
  3. Descrimination. Phpbb skin is ugly. I use Radium (Ithink?) the green on black yea? Is there any inkling something will be done to the Speed Guide for 1.9 (either this overhaul or a slight change to OVERTLY show the only thing we care about is upload speed)?
  4. o.O schweet. First question, your % gains... is this including testing with my resume.dat? Secondly, How did you decrease load time? Third, thanks for the replace all change , except it doesn't work(I see the logfile message, nm). Confirmed ~25% decrease in loadtime FRAK ME! Copy/Paste is AWESOME... Are there limitatios one should be aware of. I know only one sub-key can be copied at a time, but is there perhaps some limitation which pops up a message "too large to copy to buffer" or somesuch? As a workaround for your mentioned Del behaviour, you can always Shift-End/Right Arrow, backspace. Is there a keybinding for Move Up/Down ? At first I was confused when I went to edit dictionaries to look for this sort feature, then I noticed the key would auto-expand... Can the double click event either be triggered to disable one or the other or both options? Menus INDEED Since I have just experienced the .... corruption faced by many who will use the tool I have created a rudimentary guide how to restore the data from backup. This is VERY easy since as uT saves data, its sorted [A-Za-z0-9] so you know where the last good key is "8:webseedslee", add an 'e' and you're at the end of good data. The guide is @ http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=322452#p322452 and I welcome suggestions how to improve it. Time to watch a guy lose a brain anurism
  5. Bold is always larger?? Default fixed-width monospace font, lol Now it lines up! Ahhhh ASCII art </nostalgia>
  6. The red is a little... overkill how about "aqua"? You didn't keep the columns lined up >< Also a small key below or above the table would help.. explain to the casual user why there are coloured lines.
  7. My idea about the find/replace with specific keys... something like KEY|VALUE perhaps? so in find you have use_utp|1 and replace you put use_utp|0 or use_utp|* or something to delete the key? I wish to request for the find/replace dialog and one clicks "replace all" perhaps a counter to keep track how many edits were done in that batch mode? I will update with my exact process for editing but like I said it was my misconception previously The offset with the blank line in the logger area made this clear.
  8. It's in the cookie. You have to change it manually, I don't believe the client ever re-saves itself. Use a capable editor on settings.dat and edit webui.cookie. An example of a capable editor is Ultima's B.F.E. linked below.
  9. Gotta love coder love. Edit: CHEAP! You guys don't show posts as being edited. Well the titlebar isn't as important if reload is made so that it reads the file from disk IMO. The titlebar is where the cognitive dissonance lies, but only because the reload does not work as expected. If this is expected, and works for you I won't argue Never mess with a coder when he has your data by the balls
  10. It's not the first time, heh. I decided to thoroughly test in the current .51 to be sure I was right in my usage, (which is helped by your offset with the blank line between files) and found the titlebar to be moot Thanks for putting it on the ponder list. What's the reason you're re-pondering accelerator tables?
  11. No, I was using export from the menu. OK, how about this, forget about the title bar. Apparently I was using an old v.5 Could you make it so the reload button goes through the logic (check if file has changed since last save; if yes, popup dialog do you wish to save?; if no, reload file from titlebar) Currently all it does is refresh the treeview, reading nothing from file... presumably it would redo, bdecode.. yes?
  12. As I said previously, if you edit the file and save as a new name, or delete things from the file to export it to a new filename, the OLD filename is referenced in the titlebar but the RELOAD button reloads the new altered file. I previously asked for the titlebar to be updated when saving a file, but you can change one of the features for consistency. It doesn't have to be the titlebar if you make the reload button work correctly for the ORIGINAL opened file.
  13. The bug I reported with the titlebar... indeed suggesting the proposed change is new. Previously I asked for titlebar to be updated when the opened file changes. If that won't be done, then changing the reload button would work just as nicely if the "current loaded file" is reloaded when you click it. Currently reload and the titlebar work for the new altered file. If one of those changes function the other is correct.
  14. Have you thought any more about my proposed change? Either make the reload button work correctly reloading the originally loaded file, or changing the title bar to accommodate the new file in "memory".
  15. Hmmm yeah then it sounds like some local outage. Reinstalling uT won't likely change anything. I understand you've got satellite due to your location; I'm amazed it works at all I know some people have no choices, and it's very cool how uT allows such dynamic range of utilizing connections from low-bandwidth like dialup to high bandwidth, and high-latency low-reliability connections like cellular and satellite. IDM afaik is only a HTTP/FTP downloader, so that kind of speed is really unrelated to bittorrent performance. If you WANT to try resetting uT, you should understand what you need to do first, and in-fact all you have to do is rename/backup http://utorrent.com/faq.php#Where_are_the_settings_and_.torrent_files_stored.3F and load uT. Understand you'll have lost your loaded torrents, since that's stored in resume.dat Alternatively just do what http://utorrent.com/faq.php#How_can_I_share_my_torrents_between_user_profiles.3F says and rename your settings.dat and settings.dat.old files and then laod uT up and that'll keep the loaded torrents and only reset the Preferences. REMEMBER though, backup to be safe
  16. If it's intermittent it sounds like your ISP has come down hard on your connection. Have you tested out one of http://www.slackware.com/torrents/ to see if even that has no errors or anything but it just doesn't transfer? Have you checked out your modem or router ("Default Gateway" when you type start->run->cmd /k ipconfig) to make sure you still have an internet address? Sometimes to cut down on bandwidth ISPs put you behind a transparent proxy for things like HTTP but putting you behind a proxy when talking about filesharing means your transfer would definitely go down. They might also have blocked all traffic on your inbound port.
  17. ... COVERED in the all-about-webui STICKY http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?id=33186
  18. Tease, you've SEEN it haven't you?
  19. Indeed, I bet the new 1.8-enabled WebUI has a version number closer to .5 or so
  20. Not following the tip from a forum moderator and instead posting in an announcement thread...
  21. I know. That's why I posted it here It wasn't in the current flags.conf
  22. After sifting through 40 addresses I thought wouldn't be in the US, I have this, lol sonera.net|FI megabloks.com|CA <--- except looks fake. You tell me :/ PSI which is within the generaly bad IPs range, AND the fake contact info for CA
  23. There's procedures in Ultima's How-To for troubleshooting (linked below) which cover your case.
  24. I don't want to ask a stupid question, but... why don't you just change the file handling to be based on libtorrent? Presumably AutoIT can communicate with C? Perhaps as an interim step to a complete rewrite.
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