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  1. But they do change the file. Checking the log you see file was successfully encoded for saving (for export for ex) but you cannot re-load the current file (according to the title bar).
  2. I dislike savefile. >< Uhm, the title bar doesn't seem to update when you create new files by either importing or exporting data. You can prove this by doing said operation to BASE file (title bar is correct) then trying reload... reloads your altered file (with different name for effect) and title bar is no longer correct.
  3. Problems with Access Denied are not solved by moving the data. There is SOME other program CONFLICTING with uT's ability to write to files. Removing that software fixes the problem. In certain cases it is possible to add an exclusion for that application to NOT monitor your downloading folder, only your completed folder because at that time there is no need for uT to open the file for writing.
  4. I shall believe it when I see it. Remember you are reading with a .... "new" computer. Just because the program/library can understand the 4201 sub-root keys does not mean it will display them any faster... I just had an interesting idea... do you think Expand All/Collapse All sub-key items would be a useful feature?? I was just looking through some old gmail threads and realized it's a nifty thing to have... perhaps it could be only sub-current node specific? This would save immense overhead with my resume.dat for ex.
  5. Torrentspy does not edit. It creates / views torrent information. It's what I used for all bencoded data before YOU created the AWESOME B.F.E. I presume you've tried putting up my resume.dat for verification it can handle all bencoded data? Something to remember... this is a general "bencoded file viewer" if you will. Anything which is bencoded can be used/manipulated. This means it can be used to diagnose packet troubles with tracker/client response (when loaded/saved appropriately) as well as the more common uses (here being uT dat files and torrents). Sure I haven't poked at it as extensively as uT, but then again it serves a much simpler task, which it does well and has continued improving since inception. <3
  6. Complaining in an ANNOUNCEMENT thread proves at least to what lengths you're willing to go through for getting help. You didn't even make a thread in the Troubleshooting forum.... 98.9% of problems are due to configuration. This includes Incompatible Software, hardware limitations, and uT settings unfit for your connection. Provide information asked-for or read the How-To and follow it in its entirety. If that doesn't solve your problem provide a list of steps you were able to accomplish and those you weren't and if you ask nicely someone will more than likely help you. Thank you for providing your testament to how uT needs to be configured properly to work with your line.
  7. Be sure that you have the external Ip you're connecting from allowed. Additionally the error message regarding WebUI in the Logger tab will give you a better idea what's going on. Perhaps you may need to turn on Verbose or Error logging temporarily.
  8. Do you happen to have the old .2 ANSI or .1 versions? The zshare links don't exist anymore and I can't find my copies. Not-surprisingly I'm seeing slight improvement between the last WIP speedwise I just wanted to make some data comparisons from inception until now... varying over data with statistical significance.
  9. Thanks for the log it gives many leads on the problem. Those VAIO media indexers could be a problem. Please add an exception for your uT download directory. Additionally Nero Scout isn't known for playing nice. What's this Boonty games and do you know why it has a service? DEFINITELY those vaio media platform services being listed three times is NOT good. The only difference is the (Application) entries :/ This sounds like a new computer. Is your D: drive your cd/dvd?? You were running something called "AVP".. do you know what that is? Also I don't know what / if these are a problem I included the last one.. Registry Booster doesn't sound like a good program :/ I know this is alot of possible problem programs... it is possible listing the DLLs hooked in the uT process may help, and it may not. So I'd start first with the media server / indexers .. and for cleanliness sake deal with those extra "helping" applications that shipped with your Vaio :/ This is why I don't like pre-branded PCs.. too much crap on them.
  10. Access Denied means SOME other program is trying to talk to the files you're downloading. Disable media indexers search indexers, and media players for your download directory. If you don't know what that is... Run HiJackThis and post the copy-pasted log below.
  11. Dunno... uninstall them. Does the problem go away?
  12. 1.7.7 resulted from a security audit of 1.7.6. Read the changelog.
  13. IE6's idea of "standards" is 10 years old... If you want to help make the UI better, sure... but I wouldn't do much tinkering with the code on a full-on basis except to get the interface to work within the limited confines of whatever IE6 supports... full rewrites would probably be rendered moot with a (hopefully new version) facelift sometime around the next uT version coming out of testing... I THINK if you're planning on poking at the UI you should be sure you've got a thorough grasp of JSON which is what Directrix uses and then a thorough grasp of IE6 rendering to keep your long tail not so long. Edit to be not so...
  14. Fair enough Uhm, did you remove the Ctrl-R hotkey? I can only get files to reload (re fill treeview) by clicking the arrow... Ctrl-S on the other hand works no matter where I am, and performs BEncode on the currently open file. I'm still trying to muck with export / import to see specific steps / behaviours being done which are not desirable... I just like the fact I can post-process my torrents with BFE to give them that extra touch Is that a new PE?? My graphs aren't opaque <>
  15. Only NON US .com and .net are to be listed here. Additionally anyone resolving to net2ez should be blocked. They're allied with the mafiaa.
  16. Is it possible to re-add (or add if I'm thinking of torrentspy.sf.net) the number of sub-ROOT keys to the top? it's useful for a quick check of a resume.dat or whatever... if it was corrupted at the end, or if there's extra keys appended.. 0.5.1 - WIP [09:34:24] [bDecode] Start: "O:\µTorrent\resume.dat" [09:35:23] [bDecode] End (59.026 seconds) [09:35:23] [TreeView Fill] Start [09:38:57] [TreeView Fill] End (176.401 seconds) [09:49:45] [bDecode] Start: "O:\µTorrent\Old Versions\resume.dat" [09:49:56] [bDecode] End (10.722 seconds) [09:50:29] [TreeView Fill] Start [09:51:02] [TreeView Fill] End (27.728 seconds) 0.5.2 - WIP [09:30:12] [bDecode] Start: "O:\µTorrent\resume.dat" [09:31:14] [bDecode] End (62.425 seconds) [09:31:14] [TreeView Fill] Start [09:33:06] [TreeView Fill] End (111.096 seconds) [09:51:38] [bDecode] Start: "O:\µTorrent\Old Versions\resume.dat" [09:51:48] [bDecode] End (10.664 seconds) [09:51:48] [TreeView Fill] Start [09:52:06] [TreeView Fill] End (17.265 seconds) I was wondering if for the save dialogs you could auto-recommend some extension (I use .bencode since I made that extension associated with BFE for ease of use/import)... that's all As far as version information.. your exe and all boxes (about for ex) still list this as .5 even though as I've listed above, I consieder the first wip from a month ago to be 0.5.1 and the new build to be 0.5.2. In any case, yep better filling, and faster load time. I would like to point out something changed as far as inputting the data, you'll see one of them loads the whole file at once, and the other loads it in 1 MiB chunks. Nice progression in featureset.. are you holdingoff on a "final" .5 becuase you don't plan to revisit it for a while??
  17. I went through 3 torrents when I manually tried to hack together my own torrents... uT doesn't handle multi-line comments, and I forgot to put in multiple trackers. When possible ALWAYS let the torrent creator use the primary tracker announce and the tracker list announce-list.... otherwise you have a HIGH likelihood of problems. I'll do some testing speedwise... and with the hotkeys to verify they turn "off"
  18. If the export is adding stuff, that's a bug. Are you sure you only exported the list key?
  19. ... announce-list is a list, not a dictionary.
  20. If you've already checked the new build with my resume, there's not much else testing for optimized-ness (What other kind of testing would you like to be done?) Well I manually save streams ...I'm trying to find a way to USE the raw data... the editor I have doesn't seem to handle CR / LF well when in binary mode Feature Request: Have exported data save by default as whatever extension you choose.. I manually typed in FILENAME.Bencode (just because ) Also please be changing the version information in all available places. I know .4 doesn't have the Item menu, but pretty please.
  21. Create your own thread under Troubleshooting and post a HiJackThis log and Process Explorer DLL list for utorrent.exe (open procexp.exe, Ctrl-L, Ctrl-D, click utorrent.exe, Ctrl-A, copy-paste)...
  22. With an upload limit of 7 KiBps you shouldn't have more than 1 torrent running. With that, upload slots should be lessed a smidge to 3, and you should turn off the extra features as mentioned in the How-To post #2. That low of an upload is REALLY impacted by such background activities as DHT. PEX is a viable alternative with less overhead. See how those changes impact your experience.
  23. OK. And what are your Ctrl-G (Speed Guide) settings?
  24. You want to enable Ctrl-P -> BitTorrent -> Limit local peer bandwidth
  25. uT is an exe, not a compiled java file. When you download the update, you will be asked to close uT, and then the updated version will launch. You will notice immediately by the 1.7.6 -> 1.7.7 in the title bar.
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