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  1. Again me! :-) Some more thoughts for simple users like myself: Use Switeck's conservative chart and all the other helpful material you can find here on the forum! Find your maximum upload limit in the chart, use the numbers for the corresponding settings! Want to use higher settings? NEVER expect it will work at the maximum then! Why? A lot of connections = a lot of communication = a lot of bandwith wasted! Keep your number of peers connected and number of active torrents as lower as possible! Not enough to you? You may experiment, increase them, but just a LITTLE! Remember that your "friend" uploader can be far-far away, thus don't expect the speed to be some exact value, it is adjusted to the network and becomes some sort of a dynamic "thing"! If you will push it to the maximum, it can "broke" ;-) Find your optimal settings, be happy using uTorrent and thankful for the great work these men have done!
  2. Well, these were more kind of rhetoric questions A faster connection, the settings from this Conservative Chart, the other default ones from uTorrent - and you should not bother any more! In my opinion most of uTorrent users experience problems due to a lot of peers connected per torrent job and a lot of bandwith is simply wasted, correct me if I'm wrong? People want to download MORE, FASTER and USE the default settings, or settings adviced by friends! Switeck's conservative chart is very good, but I think the number of connected peers should be even lower. The best practice for everybody would be to experiment and find the optimal values depending on their Download/Upload limits. I'm not the expert here, but if the number of peers, under Peers tab in uTorrent, that are uploading to you with speed less then 1KB/s, is reaching the number of peers that upload above this value (I mean 50%/50%) - this indicates you have bandwith wasted for keeping the connections and not downloading, and you should decrease the number of peers connected, right? Or the best thing would be to leave 1 connected peer if you reach your bandwith limit with it? Or am I writing some obvious things? Again: Thank you for the great work!
  3. Hi to all! I would like to express my point of view. Having 128Kbit/s Download and 64Kbit/s Upload, got some questions about using uTorrent. Well, the answer to all problems will be: Get a faster internet connection, dummy! Thus, like it was said here before me, people having more than 1Mbps D/U don't need to bother about settings, just use the default ones. But, if you have a turtle speed connection... So, why when using UTP(UDP) the speed graph in uTorrent shows something like a zigzag line /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\ -never reaching the maximum connection, and downloading at about 3/4 of bandwith? And why I can never get to upload to a peer, it starts and after some seconds drops the connection (he founds a faster peer, right?). Sorry, but I'm a novice, I tried to experiment with different parameters in uTorrent, nothing changed the result! When using just TCP it's looking pretty good, a smooth almost horizontal line near the maximum and I can Upload at my maximum! Of course, I can use only TCP and forget about everything, but... as we all are humans, and it's interesting how everything works, my question remains the same: Why can't i download/upload at maximum over UTP? While using UTP and when a peer that's using only TCP connects to me, it tries to consume all the bandwith over TCP protocol, I guess this is how uTorrent works, but the connections with peers over UTP remain, some of them have the flag "S", others uploading to me below 1KB/s, the fluctuations now are pretty small. Now about setting the Maximum number of connected peers per torrent: Again, sorry, i'm a novice. But taking into consideration my D/U limits for bandwith, I am reaching max at 3-4 connected peers, trying to increase it gives me peers at S(leep) or uploading to me less than 1KB/s, I guess this setting depends on Downloading limit of the bandwith, right? So if you have some fast peer connected, the others will just waste you bandwith? Sorry if the questions seem to be stupid, sorry if this was already answered somewhere in the forum and I missed it! I want to thank all the people working for improving uTorrent, administrators, moderators and all of the experts answering here, keep the great work! Thank you all!