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  1. +1 I found that the torrents which I had completed, seeded for a while, stopped, and only then moved the contents of which manually (thereby maintaining the green tick and "finished" status), have all changed from [Green Tick] to [Red Exclamation Mark]. Does the update force a recheck of all torrents? I know it may seem odd to keep torrents that are no longer being seeded, but I have a very good reason to do so! If I keep them in the GUI, I will not download the same thing twice by accident! I've always counted on uTorrent to warn me that a certain torrent is "already in the list of torrents", and it has more than once saved me from the trouble of redownloading something I had forgotten of having downloaded in the past. Is there a way to manually reset all finished torrents to "Finished" rather than "Error: Files Missing" without having to point all of them to their new folder, one by one? 'Cos that would take me ages. And all those Errors look really depressing...