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  1. Talk about alienating your core users... or maybe that's just what they want, maybe the users that matter are the ones who don't mind ads, or paying for "premium" features, maybe the users your are now interested in keeping still think kazaa is a good p2p client :-P Time to start evaluating alternatives (no more updating for me) Goodbye, soo long and thanks for all the fish!
  2. Maybe you can have a look at how Mozilla will do their silent auto-update feature, I could be wrong but I think their solution (for "bypassing" UAC) involves running a "firefox update" windows service (see here). Regarding the constant updates, I'm one of those that are greatful for them! and think us users have only to benefit from them (why hold on to a fix or new feature - after it's deemed "stable" - says I...). The only problem with it is the time I take to push "Yes I want to update" after the update has been released :-)
  3. Nope, both those options are active. I've UI Settings > System Tray > Close closes uT to tray checked and the "Show icon and notifications" selected for uTorrent, exactly as it was for 2.2.1. Actually I just tried also selecting "Always show tray icon" in uT and now the icon doesn't disappear when I close uT. Nevertheless I don't think this was the intended behaviour... with the "close to tray" selected and "always show tray icon" unselected shoudn't uT, upon hitting close, disappear from the taskbar and appear in the systray?
  4. Hi, close to system tray seems to be broken... I'm using version 3.1.2 (26753) in Windows 7 and whenever I hit close, utorrent icon disapears (not in the system tray nor the taskbar) but the utorrent.exe process keeps running. This started happening after I okayed the automatic update from 2.2.1 to 3.1.2.
  5. With so many updates maybe uTorrent could think about implementing an option "silent update" checkmark that if checked would make the update process like that of chrome or mozilla (coming in version 12 or 13 I think). Just a thought.
  6. There is such a thing? Didn't know that.
  7. blackspawn' date=' check your uT port configuration to see if it changed. If your slowdown started with 1.6 that could be the reason.[/quote'] I've check the settings and they are correct (12880 on both uTorrent and my router) giving me a green light. uTorrent was on all night long (over 16+ hours now since it reached 99.7%) and I still haven't received the rest of the file. I'm connected to around 40 peers and 90% of them have the file at 99.7% like me. I'm still registering over 500 seeds... this never happened to me before. Anyway this doesn't seem to be a problem with uTorrent after all cause all other peers (Azureus and Bitcomet) I'm connected with also have it at 99.7%. It's still strange though..
  8. Is anyone having problems downloading from seeders? I've got a file at 99.7% for over 6h now with 500+ seeders but uTorrent doesn't connect to any... the download until that point was very fast (data came only from other peers though)
  9. So the log doesn't get filled up (for tidyness I guess) wouldn't it be better just to log when a re-map happens instead of when it doesn't happen?