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  1. ok, in any case and last reply in the wrong forum; I would like to thank you for replying. You guys are doing a good job and that has to be mentioned as well. I'm using the old version now to keep it running. Can't wait for the older Glib libraries support to come out. Plz add it to the release notes so I can identify useful builds
  2. With the Glib 2.11 requirement the UTserver no longer works on server linux distrubutions? anyway I see it, there is no workaround on my Debian Lenny server edition, since the specific GLIB version is missing. seems I'll have to stay behind the 3.0 release. byebye updates. In any case it had a good run. And heck, it provides just the functionality I need I guess. Seems everything seems to rotate around flashy shiny linuxes like Ubuntu and Fedora. I'm keeping my debian lenny tho; thank you Very Much.