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  1. Until you good techies understand how to compete with the ISPs, they will rule. I read the Rogers' items and get the sense they are winning this battle. I sense they are reading these forums and are being as proactive as I would be .. in the continuous battle. I guess I will use another app until uTorrent can compete with Rogers...
  2. uTorrent doesn't rule ... yet. I have been using it for the past few years and it has been good until recently. Now eMule and BitComet are much faster ... and uTorrent isn't downloading anything at the present time. I am not a techie and I am a busy boy. Is there a simple checklist I can go thru to determine my problem ... or do I just default to BitComet from now on? Some info: I am using 1.7.5. I change TCP/UDP each time I boot up. I am with Rogers (Canada) and have heard they are looking for downloaders and putting them on a slow path. I have the Rogers Extreme service and have received 10,000 Kbps at times on specific downloads (not torrents). Any suggestions .. or do I have to review all items in the forum?
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