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  1. Once it is stable this will be no Problem More important to see an working updated x64 build of utorrent instead of an buggy x64 „old" Version2.2
  2. That's correct. No slowdown through subsystem emulation and loading x86 dlls. Native 64bit processing is faster also. There are enough benchmarks out there. One more advantage is the windows memory limitations. There is an limit which all 32bit applications can use together on an 64bit windows system even if you have 1TB of ram. If you run 100's of 32bit processes at the same time they can't use it. So depending on how much your utorrent did consume this memory is „free" for other 32bit processes like games for example wich nearly all are still 32bit. :cool:
  3. Thumb up for 64bit torrent client! Noob if you are happy about unstable 64bit utorrent than you should also find 64bit firefox yourself. But as I am in good mood you can be thankful that i give you this link: https://ftp.mozilla.org/pub/mozilla.org/firefox/nightly/latest-trunk/