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  1. Yeah I second that. I liked the "Network OK" better. Then at least the bottom half of uTorrent is "clean" without icons Edit: doh after using this client for months I now discovered F4 (lazy me) OK it's not really important of course
  2. LOL buttons & icons become pretty trivial when your ISP starts shaping your BT traffic like mine is doing now. I can't wait for the stable (and a fixed Azureus stable of course), I don't care if the buttons are pink, brown or purple as long as my speeds improve it's all good.
  3. Yeah it's Azureus and it looks fixed in the Az beta versions BUGFIX: Core | Fix bug in crypto stream that could lead to corruption [Parg] Now we wait for the next Azureus stable (and maybe the next uTorrent stable will come after that ?)
  4. I see similar behaviour, 6 hashfails with 427 on a 250 Mb torrent on a small private tracker where I very rarely ever see hash fails. uTorrent 1.3/1.4 was never giving problems on this tracker before.
  5. Because some ppl like their interface as clean as possibe. The category list doesn't do anything (for me) or give me useful info I can't get from the main interface.
  6. Yeah that would be nice. Also if a peer is using PHE
  7. intnet.dj|DJ Djibouti :cool:
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