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  1. i keep on getting the new version popup when i allready have the updated one the mem leak in utorrent could do with been fixed as well que an 60GB torrent (say 40 files in that torrent) and try and download it you have to restart utorrent every day or so as it uses 1GB ram if left running for about an day or 2
  2. µTorrent 2.2.1 beta 23908 and 2 versions below that, keeps on rebooting my server, 2003 server x64 , i disable IPV6 see if it still does it
  3. some dump files from here from 20228 (i know its older version you can get them if your want them only day or 2 old) magnet:?xt=urn:btih:UNXLC75EW7REDDZA7EO4XTEW7AFCAS5Y magnet:?xt=urn:btih:5OU3KQBK6FW73VQJMYAVXDQ7445XDZJK feature request need to add right click paste option (or/and edit paste) so i can copy URI or torrent links and paste them with out having to click on add torrent or add URL (more so when your trying to paste more then 2 URI's or torrents)
  4. to much cpu been used in 20228 (7-8% constant) as its most likely made me miss my folding@home SMP deadline now reverted to beta 2.0.3 as it has no cpu use when running from taskbar
  5. as mine takes to long to exit normally 1 min to close when it should exit quite fast (as nothing is downloading just seeding linux files that are inactive) also it does not matter if the torrents are active or not just been in the list in an stopped or qued state seem to do it as well thread sticking issue that's holding up the GUI (any thing related to disk or hashing i norm find does it, official emule did it as well not sure if they fixed yet even thought the fix has been out for years, but emule mods have the fixed applied so does not result in an locked emule even when the disk is not keeping up)
  6. see if i can reproduce the issues with it hanging (quite sure it does it with lots of torrents or lots of connections)
  7. still confused who's idea it was to change the default ask to No information at all, when an link is clicked on or added, again this still seems like an work around for the hanging utorrent issue, what's the point in confusing millions of users when this goes into official release (More so if you Force the issue and with out telling the user auto Disable the download box when an update has been installed) it still should ask unless the user chosen to Not ask, All you had to do is add an tick box to the download box so it no longer asks if the user decides to make it no longer show that is how it should be done not force it onto millions of users your going to get so many new threads popping up if this none default manner of downloading kicks in is there really an good reason to change the default manner that 99% of programs do when you try to start an torrent or download (post from DreadWingKnight most likely be ignored unless he has an hand in this or not, FAQ not helpful unless your an new user old users expect it to work as normal) going to play with falcon on my other system (i guess that was messed with as well) local peer traffic is been filter as well so noever goes any higher then my upload limit unless i set it to 0 other note UTP on my connection is Not limiting it self correctly when left to do its own thing (UTP rate limit not ticked) makes internet not Very slow pings avg around 300mms (up to 450ms, min 200ms, mostly 350ms)
  8. other Bug as well Update does not wait long enough to exit throws up an error saying utorrent is still open (needs to wait upto 30-60 secs) utorrent is waiting for connections to be fully exited or the big 173gb torrent i have here is holding utorrent up when it should not be (torrent it self is complete but running) it still updates thought (as i can see overhead an UTP have been moved) Default should be ask unless you have picked not to show download location UTP does not throttle enough so UTP limit has to be ticked as well
  9. limits should apply to every thing internet goes to pot if UTP is left to do its norm thing, And an bug as well or just to catch users out with UTP when you tick options like always ask for manual download UTP becomes unticked (alt colours did it as well) Why the ask before download setting Had to be messed with in the first place is confusing if your used utorrent (or any download app) for an very long time and Forcing it is also plane annoying for upgrade users who do not want it to change You should be adding an option when Downloading if we wish to Never see this box just download right away thats how it should be done as you be getting lots of pointless questions about an default setting that should still be ticked pointing to the FAQ is not very helpful as i would of not looked there as the default action (still have not looked) is norm to ask in any app, both boxes should be ticked any way so you can see what you are downloading before you start it is this an personal option or is it to try to work around the utorrent hanging issue at the moment the 3 issues (these are what affect the main user genuinely) Default should be default to ask (ok minor but your going to get a lot of posts about it) locking up issues with some users (only happened to me once but not sure what was going on) Hash check Thread or move file thread should be thread safe as official emule that i used to use an long time ago suffered from hanging to to data move or hash check UTP upload limit should also default match the upload limit (should not even be an option for it just overhead that's all) as its beta i guessing your trying to work out the high ping issues ? as UTP is still uploading little to fast and does not thottle back enough, i have to set utorrent on my connection to 20KB/s get full download speed @ others i think Hangs are reported to urttorent devs (as i seen some log reports about it when mine locked up) when it happens just give it 1-3 mins to un hang and it will send that info to utorrent
  10. And for the rate limiting, try just letting it run with uTP unlimited. I really would like to know how the performance is. (need to update this forum to support Quote user button unless i missed it somewhere) ping hovers around 130-250ms when set to unlimited (UTP and Overhead not ticked) if i limit it (170KB/s) but overhead and UTP not ticked i get about 130ms ping, if all rate limits are ticked ping is 50ms at 170KB/s upload rate should always be set any way all bandwidth should be shaped to match it and it seem to work over note if i do not set utorrent to less then 30KB/s i am unable to download at my full download speed (51mb 6MB/s)
  11. not sure if its been added or fixed yet, Utorrent should detect when Ports are no longer been forwarded any more(router reboot e.g.) as i have to restart it or un-tick the upnp and press apply then re-tick it to make it work again upload limiter seems to work as well (once all the options have been ticked to limit UTP and overhead) - Change: new advanced settings net.disable_ipv6 that defaults to True on 64bit Windows that Disables IPV6 under 64bit why ? (set it to false to alow IPV6 to work again) also utorrent is very ban happy if it get's 1-2 parts as corrupted (even thought i may have sent 100mb of data 1-2 bad check = an IP ban)
  12. when my direct download place does not have the file, µtorrent allways served me well and emule (last option when every thing els fails heh)