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  1. Hay I cant fix my utorrent. Its why I have to ask for port forwarding on my DSl DLink 2640B where I dont understand nothing: I insert there in port forwarding add/custom server: utorrent/ external port start 50000andext port end 60000??? .....is this ok? I am totaly unprofessional?!? the same story in port triggerin.......but what do I to put in Utorrent/prefernces/connections/ port using for incomming connections::50000 or RANDOM Port.....I understand noting My utorrent is so down and green line is not to be seen. With test i reach 471,85Kb and it says ports open ok......also in pref/bandwidth I set 40/4/40/100/3/2 like found reading your postings....but nothing changes!? Escuses my english Paola