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  1. Okay, I thought they were talking about in the client with the roulette modified date... But yeah, I got that in my Torrents folder too. Never noticed before cause I just leave it sorted by name.
  2. Overall, very happy with 1.5.0 but now with 1.5.1... I also have the status indicator light in preferences constantly on red, this was also the case with 1.5.0. As well... uTorrent is clocking my CPU from 40% to 90% downloading from 600 - 900 kbps. Can't wait for the fixes!! Then it'll be the tiny client again. EDIT: As I recall shortly after installing 1.5.0 I had that issue where a few completed torrents said they weren't done, but a Force Recheck set that straight for all but 2. EDIT: Now downloading b/w 100 - 300 kbps with cpu usage up to 55% And another EDIT: So i just restarted my rig, Finder related problem, and when I opened console on restart I found that there were 3 - 6 connections per second being thwarted by stealth mode attempting access to my active port for uTorrent, but I had not yet launched uTorrent... Thought I should throw that up here too.