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  1. Well I have UTorrent running under WINE 0.9.19 on my Ubuntu 6.06LT machine all appears to be running sweet. All I need to do now if find out where the files are so I can change the icons from their nasty default ones to my prefered set. (Note .. Sorted )
  2. Just converted my P2P machine from XP Pro to Kubuntu 5.10 so will slap a copy of Cedega onto it & try to get µTorrent to install & run, been using KTorrent atm but I want my prefered client.
  3. Looking to fully move over to Linux in the near future & this is one area that is holding me back, I have tried KTorrent but I have fallen in love with µTorrent & would hate to abandon juch a great client. If they ever get a Debian package of it up & running I would be a pig in the brown stuff.
  4. Im sure one of the private trackers I frequent have a seedbot located on the tracker server as it is used for special seeding to the Elite members so they can DL the file at greater speeds before seeding to general members. No Idea as to the application they use but 1000K dl is kick ass if you can handle it.
  5. Nice to see this client comming on in leaps and bounds, time for me to update from the last beta release then.