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  1. Is there an option to set the default download director, without using the "automatically download torrent to here" switch?

    I want my default torrents directory in the BitComet-like add torrent dialogue without having to browse to it (perhaps µTorrent re-use the last used directory? - haven't tested).

    It does use the last used DIR. But at the moment there is no way of settings a default for the bitcomet style add dialogue.

  2. OK...Here's a "human" version of the ninja theme mascot in sort of an ad mock-up. I can do his suit any color, as someone asked this in an earlier post. Just chose green cuz that's generally been the associated color w/ utorrent in most designs submitted. Possibilities for smaller icons could be his head, as FOOOD mentioned, a unique ninja star, etc...anything dealing with a "ninja" theme.


    Pyewacket - Imagine the ninja suit with gloves that cover only 2 fingers. That's the best way I can describe it. The traditional or more popular style ninja suit we see on tv has the strap that underlies the middle finger(s). I just made it more of a half-glove, I guess. The cat was actually supposed to be a soft gray color. I've added other things to it like white tones for the tip of the tail and hands, and also a few spots to give it more of a cat-like appearance...since someone thinks it looked like an alien.(lol...I dont get that, but ok)

    hahahaaha, now that's awesome.

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