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  1. an http 502 error is typically related to an error with your connection to the server, possibly because of firewalls/intermediary proxies etc... Http 502 definition: 'The server was acting as a gateway or proxy and received an invalid response from the upstream server.' Are you sure you have entered the correct ip and port settings?
  2. Quick update... I've got adding torrents from the phones filesystem working! I need to do some more testing/polishing but I should be able to release 1.70 in a few days EDIT: Actually I think I've got it all working now so I'm releasing early! If your phone supports filesystem access then you'll have a new option 'Add torrent file' in 1.7 which will allow you to browse your phones memory for .torrent files to upload.
  3. Hi everybody, its been a long time but I've finally got around to getting my j2me dev environment back up and running! I've released the official build of 1.61 which fixes the problems people have been experiencing with 2.0.1. Also thanks to spootle for alerting me to the fix. I didn't fix it quite the same way that you did for various reasons but It's fixed now nonetheless It seems that 2.0.1 changed the way the token authentication system worked. Pre 2.0.1 if you didn't include a valid token the server would return an http 300 (which is in the API specification), however it now returns a 400 which caused a false server not found exception to be thrown. So it would be a good idea for whoever maintains the API docs to update this bit of info to save other devs some frustration. @Calleja I've played around with adding torrents from the phones filesystem but never quite got it working right. However its still on my todo list if I get time.
  4. @Abhik the IP, username, and password are the IP of the PC running uTorrent, and the username and password you set for the webUI on that machine. It sounds like you are actually using your phone as a bittorrent client. uTorrent Mobile is NOT a BT client, its simply a means to remotely access uTorrent running on a PC somewhere. @villapark75 Thanks for the heads up, I wasn't aware that there were issues with 2.0.1, I'll look into getting a dev environment set up again in the near future and looking into the problem.
  5. The proxy program won't help in your situation, it only helps if you are getting errors regarding invalid username/password. How long does it typically take to view the utorrent webui using the browser on your blackberry? the connection may be timing out.
  6. @ndhaliwal Do you have a firewall thats blocking incoming connections to the webui, or perhaps a router port forwarding problem? Anyway in other news my new site is up. The version of utorrent mobile is the same and should download/install same as before, but if theres any problems, let me know. The proxy authentication tool is also now available for download (see first post in this thread) for people that are having issues with authentication (t3ra etc...). bear in mind that this won't fix any server not found errors, but rather issues where the username/password always seems to be incorrect even though you are sure you are using the correct details.
  7. Hey, I've been away for a while and I've just rebuilt my PC so I have no dev environment set up as yet. I'm in the middle of building a new site to host my apps etc. but that should be ready soon. Anyway for the moment I can answer a few questions I've noticed a few people cannot access my site. This is because its currently hosted on godaddy which is blocked in china my new site will be hosted elsewhere and will not have this issue. @solnyshok ssl support is not on the cards at the moment. J2me and self signed ssl certificates don't play nicely. @ultima. I don't know for a fact but my old cell provider definately stripped the auth header on all of utorrent mobiles requests, I don't know the reason but I suspect that it was because it was an uncertified app. However my new provider does not strip the headers, so its obviously not totally standard practise. Anyway once I've got my new site up and running I'll publish the authentication proxy tool. @knw257 Its interesting that the token param is stripped. The mobile client should request token.html and extract the token, and from then on include that token in all requests. I've seen a few reports of people having issues with token auth, however it works fine for my so I'm not sure where the problem lies. Ultima do you think that clients could optionally include the token as a custom http header rather than as part of the request url if it does turn out that some providers strip the token from the request?
  8. You should be able to run 1.60 without token authentication enabled. I tested this while writing the new version, but I'll double check. Let me know how it goes when you turn token auth on though anyway
  9. What is up with these forums? I can't log in using firefox 3.5 and they seem to periodically forget that I want to be emailed when people reply to this thread... hence the long wait for my response. @jman 177 Do you have webUI token authentication turned on? (If you don't know what I'm talkinmg about its probably off as thats the default in 1.8.3) What html output (i.e whaen you view the html source for the page) do you get when you go to http://<utorrent webui address>/gui/token.html Also when does this error occur for you, all the time, or only after a certain period of time? @Wolfgan I've seen some other blackberry users report this issue, but to the best of my knowledge its a valid jar as it seems to work on other phones without issue. I don't know what exactly the problem is, but I'm downloading the blackberry emulator software to see if I can reproduce the problem
  10. Just checked all the links, they all work for me Which link didn't work for you?
  11. I got a new phone recently (Nokia 6120 classic) and so I've done a bit of work on uTorrent mobile, and finished work on version 1.6 (see the first post in this thread for the download link) The main feature in this version is support for the webUI token authentication system which is going to be enabled in future versions of uTorrent. This change ensures that uTorrent mobile will continue to work as future uTorrent versions are released. This feature is backwards compatible with existing uTorrent versions so don't worry about upgrading causing problems if you're running an older version of uTorrent. @Matt01 I tried adding support for SSL a long time ago, but there are serious issues with j2me apps connecting to https servers that use self signed certificates, so unfortunately it won't work over ssl. @j s - I typically I have only a few torrents running at a time, so I never even considered that someone would have 500+ torrents in the list (You must have a much higher monthly data cap than i do ). I'll keep the filtering feature in mind for any future work, but I'm probably not going to be able to do it any time soon.
  12. You could try downloading the utorrent mobile zip file instead of downloading it directly from the site. (The download link on the utorrent mobile page), in the zip you'll find utorrent.jad and utorrent.jar (You'll need both files). I'm not sure of the process for installing from local files on your device, but on my phone I need to copy those files onto my phone, then go to applications then select utorrent.jad to install.
  13. @atomicRabbit I finally got around to upgrading utorrent to 1.8.2 and webUI 0.361 on my server (I had been running 1.6.something with the 0.310 webUI for a couple of years now). and I can confirm that utorrentMobile 1.51 works fine for me. So I've fixed the spelling mistake you reported and put up a new version 1.52, try downloading that and see if it works. I confirmed that it downloaded and installed okay for me, but I don't have a Blackberry so I can't be sure if it will work out for you (though I may be getting one in the not too distant future...) The error message your getting on install seems pretty weird, there doesn't seem to be much google wisdom out there for it, perhaps someone with a bit more blackberry knowledge can shed some light on this? As for the other message with utorrent mobile 1.4 java.io.EOFException null. I really can't tell you why thats happening, it seems that your webUI is responding with data that should work. Perhaps theres some sort of network infrastructure issues at play somewhere... firewalls, proxies interfering etc... I guess you could ty running a packet sniffer like wireshark on your webUI machine and try using the mobile client and see if the http request actually arrives on the server or not. If you're technical enough to do that then that could be a useful next step.
  14. @shiploo35 The ip should be the internet facing IP of your utorrent webui server, not the gprs ip of your telecom provider.
  15. if you're behind a router you'll need to use your routers public ip address (not it's LAN ip address) then set up a port forwarding rule on your router to forward requests on the webui port to your utorrent machine. There's lots of guides on these forums on how to set up port forwarding for the webui.
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