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  1. Hi, I really enjoy using uTorrent Server. Thank you to the developers! I do ran into a problem though. I'm on Xubuntu 10.10. I'm trying to setup a download status auto notification through twitter. I tried to utilized the "Run program when a torrent finishes" in uTorrent Server (latest) for Linux. I have Twidge installed. It's a command line twitter client. So then I put the line twidge update "%F has finished downloading." into the Run program field in the WebUI 0.380 WIP. The twidge update "status" command works flawlessly if ran from terminal. So its not a twidge/twitter problem. When a torrent finishes, the terminal thats currently running uTorrent Server gave this following line: Executing: twidge update "Star.Wars.The.Clone.Wars.S03E16.Altar.of.Mortis.HDTV.XviD-FQM.avi has finished downloading." So I know for sure that the line of command has been executed, but there is no status update on the twitter page! What went wrong? I am a Linux newb, so I probably did unintentionally skip some essential steps.