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  1. Thanks to rafi for linking to v2.0.4. That's all I have to say about v2.2+ Sad.
  2. ...Did he say it was? I agree with him, this release looks bloated. At the first look I took at this version, I wasn't even sure it was still µTorrent. I even considered that I might've gotten some faked version installed, what with the undoubtedly poor icons and search and apps bloat. Wasn't 'keeping it micro' the aim? Actually, looking at the App Studio it even looks like µTorrent sold out or something like that -- seriously now, WTF is all that crap even doing there? Yes, please don't ruin this great program. Exactly my thoughts. At this point I wished they made a fork and released a "light" version without all the new crap. Each time I update I now wonder what new UI "enhancement" (=crap they can make money with/Apps Studio) is gonna be forced on me. Not fun. (always losing columns customization, size and order, is getting old too.) I reinstalled 23071 for now and am considering not updating anymore. Yes it's free and I know I'm not gonna make friends saying this but seriously WTF happened to my uto, indeed.
  3. +2, please don't start bloating this excellent soft.
  4. Hi Ultima, When I tried with 0.370, I had 3 torrents running. I have 12 rows enabled out of them all. Thanks for confirming the ""Show Category List" setting not remembered, and your time enhancing WebUI! See you, TSR
  5. Hi Ultima, I installed 0.370 and utorrent 2.0. A bug: "Show Category List" setting isn't remembered. I uncheck it, close and restart WebUI, it's checked again :/ Also, WebUI 0.370 takes more than 3x longer to load than it took for 0.362 + uto 1.8.5, is that normal ? All tests on IE8. See you, TSR Edit: Setting column width works beautifuly now btw Edit2: Yes, I pressed ESC to reset WebUI settings, but that doesn't solve "Show Category List" setting not remembered. Edit3: in the end, I restored 0.362 and everything works ok (for my use) with uto 2.0. (and loads much much faster..)
  6. If I can make a few small suggestions: I absolutely despise the installer (or even the idea of an installer for utorrent, even self-contained), but I have to live with it, I know, so please can you make an option to SKIP it, ie, just copy EXE to the destination folder and that's it? Also, I never asked utorrent to change my .torrent icons, could I also ask that the installer DOESN'T screw with filetype/icons associations? That would be VERY MUCH welcome. Thanks a lot, TSR
  7. Ultima you're the man Took the new files from your last post, "injected" them in, enabled token_auth and I'm glad to report everything now works OK in IE8 (without compat view, no need for it whatsoever). All is good. Of course, setting column width precisely would still drive even a yogi master completely nuts, but it's been that way since day 1 with WebUI, so that's not new (the "column ~10-20px wider than you last set it" issue). Thanks a bunch, I feel more secure with token_auth enabled and all features now work, kudos. Later, TSR
  8. Ultima, is that with token_auth ON or OFF? With OFF at least, it should be working OK. (0.361 + IE8 without compatibility view)
  9. jewelisheaven, yes I did read Ultima's post completely. The keyword is "still". With 0.361, IE8 doesn't need compat view to work properly.. Ultima, for the Name column width issue, a hint: With 0.361 + IE8 (no compat view), width is remembered. With 0.361 + IE8 (compat view enabled, although not needed), width isn't remembered either.. Hope it helps to locate the bug.
  10. 2 bugs: - "Name" column width isn't remembered. - IE8 needs to be running with Compatibility View. With 0.361, none of this happens. (doesn't need compat view with IE8 and Name column width is remembered.)
  11. It would be nice if the opening post could be updated with the new files that correct the ETA problem. Thanks.
  12. Webui only shows first 50 torrents. Is it possible to increase this number, or show *all* ?
  13. [2009-03-05 00:05:56] Cannot load skin file: "tstatus.bmp" incorrect number of images, 16 instead of 19 (or 38) All status icons on have 16 images.. Worked just fine on 1.8.2
  14. At last, thanks! All works great for me now, columns & all Thanks especially for removing the useless bottom scroll bar ^^ (IE7) Later, TSR
  15. paul, can't even get past "loading" here, no ideas...(IE7)