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  1. eng


    Updated .conf Regarding the .ss ccTLD, since its not in the root zone yet I'm not going to add it since that would involve changing the .bmp which I don't want to do
  2. eng


    Updated .conf I also made a new set of flags from the icons that GoSquared released: https://www.gosquared.com/resources/2400-flags http://slapmahfro.net/stuff/utorrent/gosquared/flat/flags.bmp Keep in mind that at this time its missing the flags for the following ccTLDs: Let me know if there's any problems aside from the missing flags, the last time I updated the flags themselves I had some issues saving the .bmp file.
  3. eng


    Updated .conf with entries that seemed valid.
  4. eng


    Updated .conf EDIT: Forgot to mention that there was a server move recently. If links aren't working for you (maybe your DNS is slow?) maybe try one of these links: http://slapmahfro.net/stuff/utorrent/flags.conf
  5. eng


    Updated .conf and this time re-saved it with the dos fileformat in vim. Hopefully that works, let me know if it doesn't.
  6. eng


    Updated .conf thanks to schnurlos reminding me to do an update
  7. eng


    Updated .conf with posted entries.
  8. eng


    Updated .conf except for entries where there was some doubt as to the country that should be used.