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  1. Spoke to soon about the latest beta. Loaded a torrent from magnet link and left it running for 24hrs, downloaded next to nothing and uploaded nothing at all. Plenty of seeds and was connected to quite a few of them and had green tick on program, so ports forwarded o.k. Also the program wouldn't open when clicking on the symbol in the tray, had to open from desktop. Deleted torrent and changed back to version 3.2.2 28326, download speed now flying along at around 500kB/s which is the limit I set and upload speed around 50kB/s which is about right for the upload speed of my broadband. Obviously something not right with the new program, will wait for the next beta and try that. Also, I deleted torrent and data and exited program, changed magnet settings in firefox to download to the 3.2.2, clicked the magnet link of the torrent I was trying to download and it said that uTorrent was still running, opened up windows task manager and this confirmed it. Had to close the program from task manager. I then clicked the magnet link again, the 3.2.2 opened and said I already had the torrent (or words to that affect) and would I like to add the trackers, I said yes and all was fine.
  2. Just to say I updated through the program from version 3.2.2 28326 to the latest beta version. Had no problems whatsoever. The only problem that arose was having firefox download to the updated version as it kept updating to the older version that I kept. The problem was that because utorrent now loads in application data, and I have application data as a hidden folder, I obviously didn't have the option to choose Magnet links to open in it, I therefore set magnet links to open with uTorrent from the desktop shortcut. As for any problems with the program itself. The only thing I did notice is that every now and again my green port forward circle would change to the yellow triangle, but only for a short while and not very often and I did only notice this on uploading, as I had already finished downloading. As for closing the program, I shut down pc without thinking once the torrent had downloaded, on start up all was fine. But the upload speeds do seem to be very low. Using Windows XP service pack 3 and only usually download one file at a time, so very low user.
  3. Rafi, where do I find partfiles to check if that's the case and is it known that uTorrent downloads deselected files, or at least is saying they are downloaded.
  4. hshh, the 3.1.3 is probably the buggiest version that ever came out.
  5. I have just downloaded some files with the latest 3.2.1 28086 version of uTorrent. I deselected three texts files, but in the files section of uTorrent it says they have 100% downloaded and the bar is green, yet when I check in my download folder I have only got the files in there that I chose and no text files. So either uTorrent is giving false information or the files have been downloaded somewhere else, which is it.
  6. Is the 3.2.2 beta that has just come out taking over from this 3.2.1 or is this 3.2.1 going to continue as well as the 3.2.2 beta?
  7. I'm on windows xp service pack 3 and always update to the latest beta. I feel uTorrent developers wouldn't be changing the program for no reason at all and are obviously trying to improve it all the time. I suspect at some point I will come unstuck with an update and it would be nice if there was something like a "revert back to previous version" option in uTorrent in case of problems after updating. Unsure whether that is possible or not. There could also be an option to "clear unnecessary files in Application Data folder" as I'm never sure on whether I can just delete things like .torrents for torrents I no longer have on my pc or am no longer sharing. Things I don't like are the advertisement stuff, although setting a couple of settings in advanced to false stops these. Also the facebook and twitter symbols are not for me, don't use either of them and if I did I would use them from my preferred browser. As for things I do like, I find uTorrent for my purposes is much the same as it has ever been, the only thing that really annoyed me was in an older version where you couldn't select the files you wanted before they were loaded in uTorrent, but that was soon put right.
  8. Hi Rafi, I moved the settings.dat and settings.dat.old out of application data and did a new blank text file that I changed to setting.dat, opened uTorrent and it opened in restore down mode, changed it to full screen and back again and no problem. Then exited the program and started it again. It started in full screen and wouldn't restore down again. Decided to give up and put the dat files I removed back where they were and delete the other one, quite strange because I when I went into application data I not only had the one I put there, but was also another settings.dat.old file there. Thanks for all your help in trying to sort it out, but I suspect there will be another version out very soon so I will see if I get the same problem with that.
  9. Hi Rafi, I know how to move them but didn't know if I had to move them. By copying and pasting them somewhere, does that mean I leave the ones that are there where they are to, if not, should I not cut and paste them somewhere else.
  10. Hi Rafi, had to sound like a dunderhead, but do I remove or move the settings.dat and the settings.dat.old files that are there at present before recreating a new blank one.
  11. Could you please explain as don't know where to find settings.dat Update: Have found to old settings.dat in application data, are these the ones you mean and how do I create a new one.
  12. At the top right corner of the header for the program you have the minimise button, then the two oblong boxes for the restore down button and then the red x which closes the program to the system tray, when i click on the restore down button that should make the program smaller, basically nothing happens, so I then drag the corner in to make it smaller, then it will expand and restore down, that's until I reboot my system at which point it reverts back to opening in full screen and not allowing the page to be restored down again. Not a big problem I'm worried about, but strange that it has just started with the latest update.
  13. Did the one but not the rail offer one, have now set it to false. Thanks. On the other subject of restore down, wondered if it was just me or if you cannot perform this either. Minimise and maximise are fine.
  14. No, only have one monitor. Also, left computer running last night and woke this morning to find the INSTAGRILLE advertisement back covering the uTorrent Plus ad to the bottom left of the program.
  15. Program will minimise and maximise, by restore down doesn't work again for some reason, I have to manually adjust it. Also that little ad thing appeared over the utorrent plus bit on the bottom left of program, just clicked the x in the corner and closed it, at least the Dragon thing I mentioned in an earlier post hasn't shown up again.