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  1. If you want me to test it for you on the Intel version of OS X, I'd be happy to. Obviously I agree in advance not to release it to the world without your permission. The email in my profile is valid, so please email me whenever you'd like to experiment with cross-platform portability.
  2. Alas Firon, no. You need to use something called Darwine, and it's only at 0.9.12. Maybe it would work if utorrent was compiled against the winelibs, but as it's not, 0.9.12 will crash right away on OS X when it tries to do it by itself. Have you guys ever tried compiling against the winelibs? I don't really care if this makes the executable 10 megs in size. I did try compiling the mainline, but the compile didn't work. Perhaps that is not too surprising. While it's true that OS X is a full unix machine, packages still need to be 'modified' with instructions to build right on different oses.. like I'm sure if you want to compile wine on solaris you have to give the build file certain instructions, etc. This frustruation has made me wonder about programming my own client as the interface would be very easy to do.. just the protocol is the work part. The only thing I'd be worried about is, how do I 'test' that I did it properly?.. is there a suite of 'unit tests' solely for bittorrent protocol to make sure it works properly and doesn't do weird bizarre crap? I know Perl has 120,000 unit tests.
  3. I have a MacBook, and I'm dying here not being able to use µTorrent on OS X. I made a great effort to get Wine working, and while I can get the crappy demo apps that Wine comes with to run, running µTorrent causes an instant crash the minute you click on it. While I certainly have enough RAM and CPU to run Azureus, it has this nasty habit of eating up all your ram, and then proceeding to brunch on your swap. It seems like it'd be easier to reserve 384 megs to a VM of Windows or something but that's way overkill. I really hope that one day µTorrent is working on OS X.
  4. Does anyone know why the option 'prioritize rare piece' was taken out of the advanced settings in the 1.5.1 betas? I was using that option and I felt it was working because on slower torrents especially it helped me be #1 in % complete.
  5. So why not write some code in utorrent: if client flag choke and client disconnect and client reconnect right after flag, then put flag back on the new connection and let them wait in line for optimistic unchoke.
  6. I haven't done this, but you could always ban all clients except azureus and utorrent simply by making encryption a required field in your client.
  7. The large fonts tweak is 99% perfect, it just needs one last touchup. On the 'downloaded' bar, if it's 100%, the 1 overlaps the end of the bar.
  8. Has anyone given any thought to the fact that some people are colour blind? Differently shaped symbols are helpful. I'm not red-green colour blind thankfully, but a lot of people out there are supposedly.
  9. I have discovered a circumstance that requires a program restart. (b428) The connection was lost for about 4 hours today while utorrent continued to run silently.. after I reconnected I observed the program.. very little was happening.. it was connected to 5 DHT nodes didn't seem very interested in doing better, I think it eventually went up a little more. It didn't try to re-connect to peers, etc. on the clients. Exiting the program and relaunching it caused it to reconnect fully to DHT, and the peers on the stalled torrents. So it perhaps needs code to detect an extensive net disconnect, and reconnect.
  10. Hmm. I'm not sure I like the new icons.. Maybe I got too used to the old ones.. but it just seems like additional visual clutter that wasn't really necessary. None of the icons on the tabs are 'intuititive' where one would go oh ya that symbol makes sense, without memorizing them. Plus they are small, so not easily viewable. So just clutter. In the torrents list, the icons are definitely much smaller. I kinda liked the older larger icons. I think I'll go back to 428 for now.. Why not host a 'skinning contest' and make it even more fun by allowing the users to vote on the candidates? The theme should be 'clean and simple but elegant'.
  11. I turned encryption off and my hashfails seem to have stopped.
  12. Cool, the new version has a 'disk overloaded' message on the status bar. Lol.
  13. Bug?: That's weird.. I just now looked at the log and there's a single hash fail on a queued item I haven't even started yet. In fact the 2 queued items have actually downloaded a couple megs each! How is that possible? On hash failing: So far so good.. since I twiddled around making sure my MTU was hardcoded to the same value as the router (1500), hardcoded a RWIN to a better value (32767) and turned off dmz gaming mode, upnp, ip multicasting, and VPN options, stuff seems better.. I am still getting the single isolated hash fail on a piece sporadically but it doesn't repeat itself. This is 'normal' behavior. Of course I'm on different torrents now.. so we'll likely never know which end was the problem.. but I think 'for now' I am ok. Still, that thing Firon spotted about the invalid packet length makes me wonder if all that torture I was going through was because of an Az client. I wonder if Az knows about it. Btw guys, I don't think it's encryption.. these problems happen with or without it.
  14. Tonight I shut off VPN (PPTP, IPSec) in the router. Headed to the OpenOffice torrent to test.. it downloaded as fast as it could, so fast in fact when uncapped the crap router lost connection. no hash fails.. yay. So I'll keep my fingers crossed that it was mostly a router issue. Hopefully. I'll know over time, but so far a good sign. Btw, I don't know if this is a bug or just the nature of the protocol, but in my settings I have dl speed capped at 285 I think, but it was going at 333. When I uncapped it, it went a bit higher to 346 or so. Still, shouldn't the dl rate have remained lower around the 285 mark? It does great with the ul rate.
  15. Hey Krazyson, your taste in movies sucks.