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  1. @AdamK - The minimalist look of the icons is definitely the right way to go. I'd stick with the raw design of the icons (in terms of the basic shapes used), though I'd significantly thin them out and make them much less blocky and angular. The colour scheme is horrific and needs to be thrown out completely... purple, blue, multiple shades of green (all of which are unpleasant)... really?!?! In general, UI should be muted, unimportant items should fade into the background and colour should be used sparingly to draw the eye to the element that is most important.
  2. @ravna, @articuno1au: I'm all for minimalist UI - I hate busy UI more than even this dog's dinner. I used the word 'hideous' instead of the word I wanted to use which is, 'vomitous'. What I truly despise is the general design of the icons; the large square blocky look and feel with truly awful colour choices make an otherwise excellent piece of software look like something someone put together with icons drawn in MSPaint. Someone needs to teach the devs how to create minimalist UI and/or they need to provide a way to COMPLETELY reskin the app so that all trace of the current ugliness can be removed by third party skins. I really do find the current UI so offensive that I've been using other torrent clients. One just has to check the forums to find that I'm not alone - the outcry against this UI was immediate and intense when it was first introduced months ago.
  3. Any chance you're going to hire someone with half a clue about designing the look and feel of a UI? The design and colour of this UI is hideous.
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