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  1. I'm rather curious to know why there are streaming options? since when is utorrent a streaming medium? when apps become multi-purpose applications they lose focus and users. the top area has lost so much information. upload speed, ratio, peers, seeders, etc, is all missing now and re-located under the info tab. this now means that this info can not be checked at a glance, instead the torrent must be highlighted and the info tab clicked for each active torrent, when before you simply had to maximize the app to see the status and relevant information. drop files to send? is this really needed? was it that hard before to figure out how to make a torrent, add trackers, and then add the torrent? its a 2-3 sentence tutorial at worst. i really hope that the devs listen to the community and make changes for the better. this seems more like a compile of a personal build with features a few people want. please bring back the old information fields on the top area and consider limiting additions. i have downgraded back to 2.2.1 and i expect to stay here if 3.0 continues along this path. i really hope i don't upgrade one day and find a utorrent that streams youtube, connects to facebook, burns dvds, and emulates nintendo roms.
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