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  1. with RC5 the status bar data refresh very slowly: DHT nodes, download and upload speed, the title bar updates and displays correctly. also in the sidebar it says/displays wrong: "Torrents": 4171, displays all torrents in the main window/list "No Label": 49, displays 49 torrents in the main window/list "Labels": 4171, displays 4122 torrents in the main window/list so either the "Labels" displays the wrong number, or the "Labels"' main window/list doesn't display the list of the "No Label". Also at the sidebar the "Completed" says: 482, when only 39 torrents are completed. with RC4-5 the GUI doesn't hang anymore, only sometimes reacts a little bit slower, for example scrolling up and down, when the currently viewed category's list contains 40-50 torrents.
  2. random intervals, every few minutes, sometimes twice a minute when hangs my cpu usage is around 30%, when working normal it is 5%. ram usage is around 200mb. if it helps.
  3. With RC3 sometimes (often enough) utorrent's GUI hangs for a 5-20 seconds. Also opened a torrent and it said: utorrent is already running. I know, i want to add the torrent. For the second add it worked. Using win7 64bit.
  4. a few days i updated to this beta. for what i've been using it for, it is working good so far only i can't see on torrent - right click: Labels -> "Remove Label" sign / function, maybe a bug? using default english language. "New Label..." and "Set Primary"-submenu is visible. forgot to mention: with this beta, when adding torrent it taking more time to show / draw the "add new torrent" window at extended state. also with increased text size to 120 dpi (125% of normal) at 1440x900, the window bottom controlls can't be seen (advanced, ok, cancel) because it goes under the taskbar, or the "add new torrent" window at extended state is too big. requires a little fine tuning