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  1. Will scrape tracker info be transfered to webui someday instead of only peers in cache?
  2. I will look at it tomorrow maybe i will find the way to fix it... EDIT: didnt noticed your edit thanks for fix! EDIT 2: replace: if((G>0)&&(H>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_YEARS_WEEKS].replace(/%d/,G).replace(/%d/,H)}else{if((H>0)&&(F>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_WEEKS_DAYS].replace(/%d/,H).replace(/%d/,F)}else{if((D>0)&&(C>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_HOURS_MINS].replace(/%d/,D).replace(/%d/,C)}else{if(C>0){B=lang[CONST.TIME_MINS_SECS].replace(/%d/,C).replace(/%d/,I)}else{B=lang[CONST.TIME_SECS].replace(/%d/,I)}}}}return B} with if((G>0)&&(H>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_YEARS_WEEKS].replace(/%d/,G).replace(/%d/,H)}else{if((H>0)&&(F>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_WEEKS_DAYS].replace(/%d/,H).replace(/%d/,F)}else{if((F>0)&&(D>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_DAYS_HOURS].replace(/%d/,F).replace(/%d/,D)}else{if((D>0)&&(C>=0)){B=lang[CONST.TIME_HOURS_MINS].replace(/%d/,D).replace(/%d/,C)}else{if(C>0){B=lang[CONST.TIME_MINS_SECS].replace(/%d/,C).replace(/%d/,I)}else{B=lang[CONST.TIME_SECS].replace(/%d/,I)}}}}}return B} in utils.js EDIT3: I got rid of one unneeded char...
  3. Glad that I could help. btw. you could've just cap your download speed 1KB/s or so to see days in ETA you didn't have to search for slow torrent
  4. Well yeah... I checked it twice and always hours & minutes match... Only days are not shown... I couldn't find the line which is responsible for displaying the date to check it though...
  5. well for me it looks after further observation that it just doesn't show days left... because hours and minutes are the same in both cases...
  6. Got another problem, the estimated time in ut and webui are different (way too much for me) - example: UT: WEBUI: I suppose that problem could be huge size of torrent which is 107GB...
  7. Hi, I know that WebUI now corretly handles gui.default_del_action. But does the command through http address work too? I mean: i type: http://login:pass@IP:port/gui/?action=remove(or removedata)&hash=HASH - which one or this does what gui.default_del_action says? Or neither of them and it's hardcoded in webui?