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  1. "Silent" update to build 3.4.28556 forced a 'dirty' closedown and restart, ten active jobs went into invalid state including one job that had been completed around five hours earlier. Client went into "Not responding" and locked up the machine, OS: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1.

    Power down required to restart.

    I didn't had any restart at all; uTorrent downloaded new .exe file and launch it as soon as I manually closed and restarted the program. OS: Windows 8 Pro x64.

  2. Had roll back to 3.3

    3.4 in its first build is beyond unusable' date=' since such a trivial thing as deleting torrents crashing it...[/quote']

    I've just deleted two torrents without any problems seen.

    do yo have more than 10 torrents in the list?

    Yes, 654 right now.

  3. Thanks for peers' state flags return;)

    But what does amount of peers in respective column like 1.333 or 0.222 stands for?

    And there's good ole error - "Windows Firewall: access denied" - that's corrected with single launching uTorrent with elevated privileges.

  4. You can just remove the settings.dat and retick some setting (or relaunch utorrent) to recreate it but you'll still see how it just keeps growing by something like 600 bytes for every press of the *Apply* or *OK* button (even if you don't change anything).

    Yes, exactly.

  5. And this has to do with "upload *rate*" how? Or you mean volume? And how did you set it to seed with uTP only for this test?

    Are "ratio" and "rate" different things for you? As for seeding with uTP, it's very easy to define - enough to look what protocol your current leechers use. And every time you get 150% exceeding on 3.3 you may be sure - that's uTP leechers.

  6. (150%' date=' in my case)[/quote']

    As defined with what setting exactly ?

    As defined at Queueing > Seeding Goal > Minimum ratio. Yes, you may say it's a minimum exactly. But in fact this option always worked as a real upload limiter in all versions before 3.3.

  7. As well as uTP rate limit isn't fixed.

    how do you mean? it is *not* being limited at all?

    When you are seeding and your peers connect to you through TCP, upload limit (150%, in my case) works well. Unlike the situation with μTP - then you may have upload rate 10 (1000%) and above.

  8. Mine does

    Well' date=' just this issue makes this release - "for testing only", since eventually, when they'll fix it, you'll find yourself not being able to use your previous broken settings... :(

    So, don't complain about that later on... :P[/quote']

    Settings.dat backup saveth you :D

  9. Would anyone else be interested in the feature of setting upload and download rates for specific labels?

    Yes, sure. And not only for labels but the global one. Because it seems that last alpha build doesn't limit upload rate at all, so my outgoing traffic has reached 900 Gb :mad: