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  1. Is there a place on Earth where we can learn about those issues?
  2. Didn't you see that your link, in fact, leads to 3.1.3 version, build 26837...
  3. Well. So won't you guide me what should I do for not having them too?
  4. But using 64-bit version I never got neither problems with DHT logon, download and upload, nor crashes adding torrent.
  5. I downgraded to 26904, and it began to upload immediately. Though still crashes adding new torrent. Not a very rich choice...
  6. I've tried it. Alas, nothing's changed.
  7. rafi What about me I had no any abnormal termination. Just since that build all the upload has stopped as a hell.
  8. I suddenly have got the same on 26934: three days and nights - no one transaction. Only 3 Mb of service traffic up and down...
  9. Congrats, it doesn't crash anymore while adding new torrent.
  10. Bug from #58 still active. Crashing while adding torrent file. I confirm. Here's my dump: http://www.mediafire.com/?yoof9hkjmla1bfi And, by the way, sending dump in client failed again. Bloody HttpSendRequest Failed...
  11. I am experiencing this issue as well. In response to Rafi's reply on the matter' date=' I do not use any "default directory" settings.[/quote'] So, use one... Under what folder do you want uTorrent to store it's stuff?... But it's very inconvenient! I suppose that every movie, song, book you download has to live in its dedicated place from the very beginning. What's the reason to download it to some common folder and then move into permanent residence?
  12. OK, now I'm happy. Excuse me one more time for the off-topic but I sit on Windows 8 one and half year - since it was helpless draft of operating system up to now when it's *almost* final ready for massive use. And there are two only applications on my side that make some problems on Eight. µTorrent is one of them. I'm sure that application tuning for the specific OS has to be done not *after* its official release but in time *to* it. Previews, first Developer, than Consumer one, are released including that purpose. In our case, there is the time before January 2013. So I really do not ask "too much" of program or developers, just try to formulate the problem.
  13. Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 bit. And who says if was tested and verified to work on this "beta" OS? I think you ask too much of it or the devs... :/ Excuse me please but I thought we are who test it on the full spectrum of available OS' date=' aren't we? And [b']rivilis's answer tells me that our bug is not so OS-dependent...
  14. Windows 8 Consumer Preview 64 bit.
  15. rafi If you need more details I do explain: 1. I start new .torrent file by double click. Options window appears. 2. I choose location for the file to download. File is single so no need to mark some parts. 3. I press "OK" button. µTorrent shows a kiss-off square window with polite proposals to close/relaunch µTorrent or send crash dump to developers (usually I preferred the last one before proved that dumps couldn't be sent). That's it.
  16. Rivilis Yeah, I can confirm that. I got such crashes with some plain torrents from rutracker.org. And, by the way, 26883 doesn't want to send crash dumps - "HTTP request failed".
  17. 26883 just crashes when adding new torrent. Crash dump: http://www.mediafire.com/?41z6d56u14h4r01
  18. DHT is not working on Windows 8 64-bit since version 3.1.2 - both on Developer & Consumer Preview. Here's just a line in a status bar "Waiting to enter" which sometimes changes to "0 nodes" and reverts back to idle.
  19. http://forum.utorrent.com/viewtopic.php?pid=639806#p639806
  20. After installation of 26753 I've got report: V8 bundle: Failed to set bundle offset. I guess this is related to Plus bundle.
  21. Yes, I know it because I use WDP as a primary system since September and, of course, can't do without uTorrent (nevertheless thanks, Firon!). And still... I should prefer client with native 64-bit support;)
  22. I guess, just because WDP turns to Beta at January and then drifts to the final. Isn't that better way to be aware of possible problems and bugs in good time? And, by the way, it was uTorrent devs' decision to begin with x64 version, not just our demands;)
  23. Well, since there's no any dump file I submit a record from Event Log: Faulting application name: utorrent-3.0-latest.x64.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x4e53e6b5 Faulting module name: unknown, version:, time stamp: 0x00000000 Exception code: 0xc0000005 Fault offset: 0x00000000f07e30a0 Faulting process id: 0x158c Faulting application start time: 0x01ccb97fc8f43d8f Faulting application path: E:\Программы\P2P\µTorrent 3.1.26595\utorrent-3.0-latest.x64.exe Faulting module path: unknown Report Id: 0795f84e-2573-11e1-b844-00a0d1a27656 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  24. Build 25570 failed to install on Windows 8 x64. No error, no dump. Just fail.
  25. Hallelujah! RC6 has installed on Windows 8 x64. Praise you, dev guys! You've heard my prayers...