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  1. DHT is disabled when stopped by Scheduler even if you Force Download. When you stop a torrent it does NOT immediately move from downloading/seeding to finished. The torrent is stopped and all finished/unfinished pieces are lost when uTorrent fails to access a file in the torrent, it should keep these pieces when unable to write them till the file is available or even more unlock the file with administrative privileges.
  2. Could you please make a "Preview" option for movies, songs and other media files? An option that makes the program download only the first specified number of pieces and then stop downloading and wait for the user's confirmation to continue download!
  3. 3.0 Beta (build 25305) [64-bit] - The program lags and crashes while moving the comments slider on the Ratings tab. - When it crashes it doesn't save GUI preferences and has to re-check all files. - The tabs had better be drag able; re-arrangeable.
  4. Bug0 -- Critical Peers are suddenly disconnected even if their uploading speed is steady. Bug1 -- Highly Considered Alot of unfinished pieces for 1-5 blocks are there, if you suddenly shutdown or lose power for any reason, you lose all of them. Bug2 -- Minor Colors have changed *Yellow is new* but the color guide in the help page hasn't been updated. The speed is affected by the peer disconnection problem. Other than that a 12GB download has almost finished here.