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    Just signed up to say thank you so much for writing this lovely piece of software Was faced with the daunting task of having to resume over 150gb worth of torrents due to my main hard drive failing (with just 1 month out of my warranty, nicely played samsung!) but due to me buying a smaller sized SSD I needed for the downloads to be moved to my NAS & then resumed from there instead. Would have been a nightmare having to manually edit each one in notepad and from what I've read probably not very safe either... Also the reason I have so many torrents built up is I have a terrible internet connection, some of these downloads are months, if not years old. So to find/start them all from scratch again...would have been lets just say........very very painful!!! Anyway another blabbering... Thanks again Ultima and for the uTorrent team for creating undoubtedly the best torrent client on earth