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    µTorrent WebUI

    @Ultima - Thanks for the quick reply, am currently using 2.x uTorrent but as soon as I am able to work out the WebUI calls will move to 3.0 once released. Edited out my stupid question.. Downloaded = Size duh..
  2.[PORT]/gui/?token=[TOKEN]=&list=1[PORT]/gui/?token=[TOKEN]=&action=remove&hash=[HASH] These are what currently work. I have tried what is in the API FAQ and they don't work as listed.
  3. Yes, I am using token auth. I make the first call to authenticate and pull the token, then I make a second call to list the torrents, I then parse to pull pertinent data and if ratio criteria met I remove the torrent from uTorrent but leave the files.
  4. DreadWingKnight: I am going to take a chance you were addressing my dilemma I am using only two calls list=1 and action=remove[HASH] . They both are working in my version 2 but when I use version 3 they return a 400 bad command error. This is part of an end to end program I wrote that handles RSS setup, passes to uTorrent, it does its thing, then all torrents are checked on a timer (using WebUI calls) for ratio requirements met then removed from the list, my program then extracts and/or moves the video files, then uses either IMDb or TVDb, whichever is appropriate to pull down all the pics, banners etc and info. All this is placed in my video library and is accessed through a custom interface for all my TV's in the house. Just got this finished a while back and I want to be ahead of the curve getting it working on 3.0 Thanks for any help. All I really need is an updated API FAQ and list of commands and actions.
  5. I haven't found it so I will ask, are there new commands to access the WebUI through the api? I noticed the ones I have been using for 2.x are not working in 3.0?? I am probably missing something here, but since by system relies on these calls, I really need to know. Thanks!
  6. freelunch

    µTorrent WebUI

    I have looked but didn't see it, is there a way to pull the 'date added' from an api call to the webui? I wanted to run a routine that checks the ratio and the time since the torrent began to auto remove the torrent from uTorrent. Great work on the WebUI!! Nice to have all these features available anywhere.