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  1. Yep I checked that and yet checked UI settings - Minimize minimizes uT to tray. It doesn't work. Worked before I did clean reinstall though so yeah it looks pretty much like a bug. Win7 64 ultimate.
  2. Ok, I'm sorry if this was raised before, but I've reinstalled my OS and uTorrent and now "Start Minimized" feature seems to be broken for me. The program starts in not minimized state. What am I doing wrong please?
  3. yaitanes I don't think that's relevant, because there was no such an issue on previous build for me. Anyway, q9400 & 60 torrents.
  4. Background CPU usage is around 10% for me on the last build Oo Win7 64
  5. It's only me or ETA calculations are bugged? Last build and win7 x64.
  6. That's not the only one thing which is weird here.
  7. 3.1 or even 3.0.1 with some stability fixes would be great. Want to upgrade my client, but I just can't afford to use it in its current condition as is.
  8. ivan23092 Please, speak your native language. Someone will do translate for you. Можешь по-русски написать, в чем у тебя проблема с 3.0?
  9. So, when the 3.0 will be pushed to auto-update?
  10. Hi, bigfalls! Thanks for your response. How long are you planning to support 2.2?
  11. The upcoming 3.0 update won't be mandatory, or will it?