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  1. Is fixed the fine grained priority?
  2. Fixed the hash file error on Rc7 Thanks
  3. delete this th, gona do some more test about the hash fail
  4. Same here, is stuck on 99,9% if you check the log the final piece of the file have a error hash check Happen with 3 different torrents, have to revert to 3.0 ( build 26473 ) to be able to finish the downloads
  5. Already try changing that options, still don't show what i want =/, My overheads are above of 410KB/s, the normal download rate is 390KB/s Thanks anyway
  6. Utorrent keep not closing if i close via taskbar, I have to hit crtl+alt+del and close via taskmanager... Also why is not showing the real download speed?, with everest UE i see 390KB/s witch is the current speed of my conection, with Rainmeter also see 390KB/s but on utorrent it only show 340-350 at max.. There is some tweek to see the real download speed or is a bug on utorrent?
  7. UT 3 ( 25406 ) when you close Utorrent from the taskbark sometimes the program wont close and you have to close it by the task manager Also there is a way to have the "green" line from the speed tab like was 2 versions before this release? What i mean the other green line was more "Precise" and not so jumpi like the one now ( Is the green line that show the current download speed in the "Speed" tab ) Hope you understand me
  8. Looks like the silver rectangle is gone ( 3.0 b 25277 ) if apears i will report it, thx for the beta udpate
  9. I'm also having this problem in both 25229 and 25233. Clicking the silver bar causes streaming to start. The bar does not appear if I select multiple torrents with Ctrl + click or Shift + click. Same here ;-) Try "Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Advanced" -> "gui.show_dropzone" and set it to "false". Worked for me. Still with the same silver rectangle Also tryed ""Options" -> "Preferences" -> "Advanced" -> "gui.show_dropzone" and set it to "false", Didn't work... If i use the other method to see the torrent progress automaticaly the torrent set to Forced start insted of normal start