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  1. Thanks jewelisheaven. I've since upgraded to the 1.8 alpha (I assumed that the update function was getting the latest version, but it gets the latest 'stable' version - I prefer the cutting edge) which doesn't display the dialog - and works great, too. For the record, my uTorrent has been launched from the same location since the first release, so there was no change on my part. Every version showed the dialog, 1.7.6 was the first version to *keep* showing it. But like I say, it's fixed again in the 1.8 alpha. -mu ps. the v1.8 application icon is also much improved!
  2. Apologies for not reading the entire thread - it digressed. Bug: Every time I start 1.7.6, it asks me if I want to install uTorrent, and presents that dialog. Kinda annoying, as I have uTorrent starting automatically with Windows. I'm guessing it's because I keep it in my own location and it's too dumb to realize this. Previous versions showed this dialog only one time. -mu