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  1. DHT stopped working over here too - never had any trouble but suddenly it stopped. Downloading a torrent from made it work again. Thanks DreadWingKnight!
  2. The best just got even better! I haven't been here lately but just happened to stop by when you uploaded 1.6. I've been having some trouble with my hd so hopefully the new stats graphs and settings help. The only complaint I have is that 1.6 reset my columns. Thanks.
  3. My RSS downloader was supposed to download a torrent tonight. The filter picked the correct torrent and added it to history but the torrent didn't appear on the list. Log says "unable to load xxxxxxxx.torrent". When I hit "update now" the torrent appeared on the list and started right away. I think µTorrent should retry if there's a problem.
  4. What's happened to "Network OK" message? I can't find it.
  5. I also noticed that 1.4 uses less cpu than 1.3 My torrent machine has a 600MHz VIA cpu with 512MB ram. The system was really stressed when I was seeding 6 torrents with 1.3 - even the mouse cursor didn't move smoothly. But now with 1.4 I'm seeding 9 torrents and using all of my bandwidth without problems.
  6. 1.4 is ridiculously fast! With 1.3 it took minutes to reach max connections and max speed but 1.4 connects instantly and I'm downloading at max within seconds. Thanks.
  7. When I joined the torrent world I was introduced to Azureus. I used it until it was banned from my favorite site. They recommended BitComet and I was very reluctant to try it. Quickly I started to like it and soon it was my only client. I have tried Azureus once in a while but it just eats all the resources and I don't even need all the features. A few days ago I was forced to stop using BitComet and to find a new client. µtorrent filled the void and I'm extremely happy. On my 24/7 torrent machine I was using BitSpirit because that was the only one that had enough features and was light enough to run on my 600MHz VIA Epia CL. I would have used BitComet but it refused to run on my Win98Lite - I think it didn't like the fact that I have removed IE completely. BitSpirit is now banned at one of my favorite trackers so I tried µTorrent and it works great. Light and fast - and doesn't stress the HD too much like BitSpirit does. Thanks to everyone involved!!!