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  1. Oh, I zapped this post... sorry for the inconvenience !
  2. +1 ; I still have to launch 3.1.3 to prime the beast ; I got a pioneer spirit' date=' but finish to mentally starve to death waiting that bug to be corrected ; no outgoing peers when primed, only incoming peers, there is something swingerring in tcp header I guess...[/quote'] Fix in 3.3.0 works : implementing it in 3.2.0 is THE solution...
  3. o3.3.0 27184 : yeah !!! outgoing peers now ! I hope it will be quickly included in 3.2.0, that's a pretty good correction...
  4. Same problem as 3.2 : no outgoing peers !!!
  5. icoming peers = seven hundred and ninety five outgoing peers = zeeeero !
  6. +1 ; I still have to launch 3.1.3 to prime the beast ; I got a pioneer spirit, but finish to mentally starve to death waiting that bug to be corrected ; no outgoing peers when primed, only incoming peers, there is something swingerring in tcp header I guess...
  7. 3.3 run for a few minutes under seven x86 (with about 300 torrents) ; then I returned to 3.2 because banned on HDZ ; crashes every startup under seven x64 with 879 torrents ; maybe the limit is 512 ?
  8. seems 27026 behaves a little better establishing connections than 26837 : a few connections start as outgoing, then become incoming connections after two minutes ; running for a long time, all connections are incoming connections ; settings were not only buggy in settings.dat, but in RAM too...
  9. +1 ; and no transfers after some hours ; only remedy : launching 3.1.3 to prime 3.2 (under seven x64, under seven x86 still working) ( correction : only with incoming connections ) @ rafi seems not to hangwithout active torrent
  10. 3.2.beta resolve problem of overtaking max global connections limit of 3.1.3, now I can use unlimited UL instead of caping at 40% of UL capacity ; a very good news...
  11. strangely, 3.1.3 works quite perfectly under seven x86, and hangs at start up under seven x64, hashing a dozen of files... problem seems to be generated hitting the ceiling, dragging uTorrent window with mouse ; by the way, 190 max connections by torrent conducts to no web brosing, behaves normally with 3.1.2 ! putting in idle with scheduler resolves web browsing !!! Max global connections appears to be overcome ; unlimited UL gives no web browsing, cap to maximum ul capacity gives too many open connections, 40% ul cap gives proper browsing... This should be a bug ! 3.1.2 did not suffer from this.
  12. what exactly was the issue?no web browsing, microtorrent then got "destination unreachable" on all trackers. I resolved it copying uTorrent.exe; then launched the new name : uTorrent-copy.exe does not access to appdata/blababla/utorrent, so display get classic, and browsing stopped breaking...
  13. now functiuning ; privileges are horrids !
  14. oh boy, with 3.1.2 system is well configured, and with 3.1.3 it is bad configured... in order to get it well configured, it is obviously recommanded to use 3.1.2 instead of 3.1.3 !
  15. same behaviour on my pc as dothackjhe ; I switched back to 3.1.2 and powered off the pc to evacuate the problem ; power on leaded then to corect browsing. 3.1.3 seems to be a dissuating argument to p2p !
  16. Fix: Update Bandwidth allocation menu after user change [GUI] er, fix? not for me : a torrent with high bp priority shows "normal", some with normal shows "low", and some with low priority shows nothing selected ; just upgraded to 26671, and still that bug !!!
  17. I got a nanobug with 25454 : when google chrome leads to a lack of memory ( 4096 Mio installed...) icon tray display all time the same values, and main window of microtorrent is frozen, with "(application not responding)" ; some may think I should not use chrome, but firefox crashes all the time I launch it, as well as opera. when chrome is shut down, memory recovers, but microtorrent remains frozen ; it looks like an event occured that microtorrent did not manage in time ! Edit : when no torrent queueing for "force recheck" it operates properly. Last Edit : installing "driver genius pro" solves the problem.
  18. with 25305, ul ramping is fast, high level regulation, good point! DL rate stopped dropping down, now pumping between 480 and 520 KBps ; some job to do, or this remains deliberate? hash checking during force check remains slow : peek rate = 4 MB/Sec??? Gray in Status column and in Health column looks as soiled by a coal digger, a very light pink, or some light orange, or safran could seem better! Edit : incoming phone calls put utorrent in very small upload rate : not a bug indeed, but this explain why a fiber connection gets low upload rate ; many often, packets collide, and ethernet protocol leads to a "mute" of the channel to solve the disagreament (specially with passive mode fiber), and then ping gets shortly very high, to drop down to a normal value 250 milliseconds later ; ul rate regulation should do some "deglitching" on measured pings to avoid such draw back.
  19. force check seems slow, and what was my surprise when renaming an avi file to force redownload, first starting got error, normal I thought, saying recheck ; I forced recheck, and by a sort of "miracle" 31.6% of the file was already downloaded!?? the most likely is bogus hascheck routine giving random results from time to time ; it can do lot of harm to download rate, forcing chunks to be drop with false "corrupted status"... Edit :Oh boy, the file was only a part of the torrent, so, there was actually 31.6% already downloaded!!! hum, what about the ramping of UL rate? It took 10-12 minutes to get a cruising speed for UL, that was lower than 2.2.1 speed (UL) ; after three quarters of an hour, UL rate decline to 15% of it's former value ; it took 20 minutes to ramp up to the "quite good" speed ; DL speed dropped down every 20 seconds, and could not overcome 500 KBps, I think it comes from too slow UL rate? with 2.2.1 I used to put an UL cap 10 KBps above my UL bandwidth, in order to assume better sharing ratio (important on private trackers) ; with 3.0, I can put the cap twice above the UL bandwidth, it works all the same than 0 (= nolimit) ; no trick to force UL rate to reach a prechoiced value! I guess new ramping algorythm is aiming at a fast free up of bandwidth for other applications, but a "cross-fader", a glider like this poping up when clicking on the speaker icon nearby the system-clock, would allow a user to tune ramping throttle very fine, from 2.2.1 like settings, to 3.0 like settings ; and by the way, reporting the average rates of ul and dl to a server (with the corresponding tuning settings), one could then do some statistics analyse to find out if a peculiar setting gives a maximum of DL/day!