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  1. I'm recently getting a "disk overload" error since having been downloading a torrent as big as 35 Gb excluding other torrents I'm trying to download with it. However, following your guide into fixing its issue on uTorrent 2.2.1, it did not worked for me.
  2. Thanks! I've been using uTorrent for years now.
  3. Thanks for the suggestion, I think that fixed it on my issue with uTorrent.
  4. Make sure your settings.dat is not large. If it's more than like 100kb or so' date=' then you should delete it + .old before starting up uT.[/quote'] How do I go about doing that? Where can I find settings.dat and that .old file? How are those significant in uTorrent?
  5. I've post a problem on the bug section of the forum since having uninstalled this beta build of uTorrent. Can anyone take a look at it and tell me how to fix it?
  6. Issues I've had with uTorrent but still persists up to this point: - uTorrent locking on the process seen on the task manager even after closing the app - Some trouble updating - Multiple uTorrent processes (depends on how many attempts were used to re-run the app) Exclusive for this beta version: - It takes too long to load uTorrent after every startup of the system - Difficulty in running the app overall; re-running causes multiple processes of the same app running as seen on the task manager - Difficulty uninstalling
  7. @jbebdad, Zhial I wasn't used to downloading torrent files using the magnet link so I was surprised not to see the option to which we could choose which specifically to download from the torrent. Tried a .torrent file from another torrent site and found the issue not being a bug but rather a normal event with a magnet link as was stated by you two. This just shows that aside from download, upload, peers, seed, and leech ratio, I know not much about torrent lol. Kudos to the uTorrent team nonetheless.
  8. That isn't a bug. You probably clicked on a magnet link and, therefore, the torrent file is stored in the swarm, so your client doesn't know what the torrent contains before it's connects to a client who knows it. So how do go about about with this issue with magnet links? There's this particular torrent site I go to that don't offer .torrent file anymore but instead made use of magnet links which is the case.
  9. The option to choose which part(s) of the torrent to be downloaded is missing on this release. Here's the screenshot of the problem: On that screenshot, I was trying to download the whole compilation of the Wheel of Time novel series.
  10. I've had uTorrent updated to this version as soon as it was prompted to update but only began to use it to download a .torrent file yesterday. Trouble is, after turning off the PC and rebooting it again after some hours, I can't browse the internet with any web browser but can still download with uTorrent of this version. Then another problem arose after turning off the PC again and rebooting it -- I can't browse the internet still with any web browser and can't resume the file I'm downloading using uTorrent. Anyone got a fix on this? I'm thinking of uninstalling the current version of uTorrent on the PC and install an older, more stable version of it. I'm using a different computer as I type these statements by the way. .
  11. Just updated to this version today but can't seem to resume the .torrent file I'm downloading since yesterday. I'm halfway to finishing the download today.
  12. How's RC different from a Alpha / Beta release of a software?
  13. Not to offend those who didn't like this release's UI, but I personally liked its designs. Btw, what do people meant by "issuing a stable version of uTorrent 3.0?" Isn't this beta version of uTorrent 3.0 stable enough for use? I've been actually using this version ever since its first release and had no problems with it whatsoever except when the time I updated to a higher version of its beta state which led to a capped download / upload speed (10 Kbps / 10 Kbps if I remember it correctly).