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  1. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    Update: this change solves the problem, but around 24-36 hours after a reboot, the system goes absolutely nuts its hard to describe, sometimes I can get to the task manager and kill the mozilla process (usually the largest memory user), and even if I leave utorrent active, the mania calms down. Strange, because I've been sitting at the computer when this happens and the system is not low on memory (and there's a mozilla memory leak that does use all memory from time to time, and what happens with this crash isn't the same thing as a typical out of memory situation. The screen flashes, the tray goes to the top of the screen (but is still clickable at the bottom), screen looses desktop background and has icons over a black background, utorrent flashes full screen even though it was windowed, and sometimes I can bring task manager to the front, and use it. Last night, it must have happened while I was asleep, as the system crashed sometime after I was last on. So I'm going to drop the number from 30k to 20k and see what happens. The utorrent semi-crash I had at the start was much less disruptive than the whole system crashing. This system is rock solid otherwise,
  2. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    Thanks Rafi, I wasn't able to reboot until last weekend, then went out of town for a couple of days, and it's still working now that I'm back. So that was the solution! Very happy to have a working current version of the program.
  3. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    Im still running win 7 64bit, and I've had an interface crash going back several versions, still present in latest stable, I tried the LAA versions for the last two stables and problem persists. What happens is this, after starting the program, the program loads torrents, and slowly starts them. About 24 hours later, the interface hangs. I say the interface, because the program is still working underneath. I see stats change on sites every day even if I let this program to itself for 2 weeks after hanging. I can't manage torrents, but the program still makes new connections and works in the background. This instance of the program has about 4600 torrents, only about 1/2 of which are active, that number of torrents I've had running long before this error started. No clue why this is.
  4. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    The new version fixed the crash problem. Running stable 45493 for days now with no problem, so what ever it was is no longer there.
  5. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    Will try. No dump as the program just goes non responsive, and has to be force closed. And yes, this was new when I upgraded to that version. I had been using a 6 or so month old version before that.
  6. icebox

    3.5.x Beta

    Using build 45449 stable on win 7 i'm seeing crashes 100% of the time after the program has been running for a few housrs. This always happens when I'm away from the PC so nothing is happening with the program or machine at the time this happens. I come back after being AFK for a few hours and find the program non responsive.
  7. 25303 is the first beta of 3.0 I tried as an earlier beta couldn't find all the torrents I had seeding under 2.2.1 was seeding. Now after a rather long search 25303 found them. I have two problems with the new version: 1) With torrents of multiple files previously downloaded under 2.2.1. when only some files were downloaded, the new version is finding the data invalid. Looking at the files list after doing a force recheck, the pieces that are fully contained within the downloaded files are OK. Pieces that overlap with skipped files are the problem. There is in fact nothing wrong with the files. Some of the torrents I had like this were OK after redownloading the allegedly bad pieces, but I have one where the problem repeats after the program re-downloads the "missing" pieces. 2) Please restore an option to have "Added" and "Completed" show a date and time, as in the previous versions, rather than "3 months ago" or "last week" I generally keep torrents sorted by date added and the lack of precision is annoying. This is important to me as some sites drop torrents a specified time after it is first posted, and the dates help me with planning. Thanks. Mark