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  1. The client is not restarted, it has been running for days, the session total overflows. I already thought that it was a session counter because it begins at 0 when the client starts. The Help | Show Statistics dialog shows the correct quantities, in this case 108 GB, no overflow in this dialog.
  2. The total data transferred counters overflow at 4GB (seem to be 32bit) in the status bar. For example, after downloading more than 20GB you can see the status bar like this: D: 2.1 MB/s T: 1.9 GB D: 2.1 MB/s T: 2.0 GB ..... D: 2.1 MB/s T: 3.9 GB D: 2.1 MB/s T: 12 MB #overflow it happens in downloaded and uploaded data.
  3. This issue is fixed, with changelog: Fix: Files would be permanently deleted when "Delete to trash" option was selected Expect it soon. FIXED!!!! THANK YOU!!
  4. No, there are no such messages in the logger, this bug was introduced in the RC1 if this is useful to you.
  5. Trash is still not working in the RCs, "Remove -> and remove torrent" is still removing permanently the torrents and it is not sending them to the trash, ignoring the advanced setting.
  6. gui.delete_to_trash should still be enabled. Is it not working? Was the torrent larger than your recycle bin? No, the disk is plenty of free space, and even deleting only the torrent and not the data, nothing goes to the trash, it is removed permanently, this bug was introduced in this RC, in the previous beta it was working ok.
  7. The remove and -> remove torrent option ignores the gui.delete_to_trash option and the torrents do not go to the trash, they are removed directly. Please split the completed percentaje from the status column, it is not possible to have the stopped torrents sorted by completion, for example.