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  1. This behaviour still in last build. In older version 3.0.26473 (32-bit) - all OK. Please, fix this. Very annoying if you have many torrents, and selection jumps eberywhere after removing.
  2. uTorrent After removing the torrent from the list, the selection (focus) moves to the next torrent in the list of downloads. But he just selected. List of peers, trackers and other information about the torrent is empty. But it is selected. Therefore, the most correct will such behavior: when the selection (focus) moves after removal of the torrent in the list (to another torrent), all of this information (peers, trackers) must be displayed in such a way as if the user select this torrent with the mouse click.
  3. Please tell the steps. The add torrent dialog is resizable' date=' but it won't remember the size. It only remembers expanded/unexpanded state[/quote'] Yes, I mean it. Version 2.2.1 remembers the size, version 3 - do not.
  4. Utorrent do not remember size of "Add new torrent" window. It's size always default.
  5. Use for saving disk with NTFS file system.
  6. Select torrent(s) in torrents list, click right mouse button and select Properties menu item. When Properties window is opened, can't see focus of selected torrents. And after closing of properties window, focus to torrents not be returned. In addition. If "Alternate list background color" enabled in Options, focus on torrents alternates. 1. 2. Open Properties Without "Alternate list background color" With "Alternate list background color"
  7. I can't sort torrents by downloaded %. In 2.2.1 i can do this, but in 3.0 if i set sort by "Status" column, i see this: But i want to see this: Is it possible?