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  1. Since I updated to version 3.*, the "~uTorrentPartFile_*.dat" doesn't get deleted automatically when I remove the torrents from the list. Is it a bug or is it the outcome of some setting I may have changed?
  2. Still getting loads of "Failed Hash Check" here
  3. This is how it's supposed to look This is how it looks after the latest update Clicking twice the "Toggle Torrent View" button repairs it but after restarting the application it's wrong again Also, when closing:
  4. For some reason it doesn't remove the partfiles (and even the .torrent files) for me. Occasionally delete "data" has no effect as well. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Hell, maybe in a future version it will be removable
  6. Category list is hidden, but I still have that narrow sidebar with that button (disabled apps and find)
  7. How did you hide the sidebar/torrents icon in the sidebar?
  8. The Favorites in the RSS Downloader window are hard to rename. Double clicking hardly works. Using WinXP