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  1. Move the implemented features to the bottom of the list. They're kind of pointless to see and should only be there for reference purposes, so having them at the end would be best.
  2. I have 4 pcs available to me and possible 2 more desktops + 2 laptops. My first pc has WinXP Pro SP1 on a 15/2 fiber connection. It's been highly tweaked with different services and shell modifications. This is a AMD 2100+ 1.73 ghz 512mb ram system. My second pc has WinXP Home SP2 on a 10/2 cable connection. It's probably my most 'normal' pc. This is also an AMD 2100+ 1.73 ghz 512 ram. My third pc has WinXP Pro (no service packs) on a 10/2 cable connection. It's startup items are also highly tweaked. This, however, is quite an old system. It's a Pentium 400 Mhz with 128mb ram. Very useful for testing the webui on slower systems. My fourth pc has Windows 2000 Pro (SP1) on a different 10/2 cable connection. Default services and startup items. Another old pc, an AMD 400 Mhz, 128mb ram. I can test any browser you'd like, I have Internet Explorer 6 on all the pcs (might be 5 on the win2000 box) as well as Firefox on the two amd 2100+'s. I've also got IE2 and Opera on my first pc. I've only betatested about 20-30 things but I'd probably be able to help you well with the µTorrent webui. I'd say I know a decent amount about µTorrent and use almost every feature of it to some extent. I'm also nuts about tweaking everything to the last gram so I usually find some bugs here and there.
  3. You should add categories or something, the list is getting quite large so you need some kind of organizational factor otherwise the old requests will become forgotten.