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  1. What I don't *need*, is to see the part of UI that shouldn't be there. Why are you trying to argue anyway? If it doesn't bother you personally, good for you. It bothers other people. "Just ignore this", "just ignore that", "we'll fix this later", "it doesn't matter", "who cares?" and "but it still works" are not the ways to go. If you can design something well, why do it half-way? It is not ok that program is constantly in half-broken state. "No real harm done" — is the attitude that got uTorrent from great software to still solid, but just another software. Things out of place, ill-considered features, and a myriad of small bugs. When the core works well enough, then the polishing is what matters. And since 2.x there's been progressively less shine.
  2. I don't follow your logic. It is kinda common sense to ask for confirmation before any destructive operation. Is it not? And what is the point of opting out of something? If I blocked this particular part of program functionality, then why it keeps showing up and nagging me about stuff I don't want to see?
  3. Using version 2.2.1 (25302) Why it's good? Well, let's see: Stable No disk I/O and caching issues No ads No social features No streaming features No multimedia features No anti-virus integration Clean and fast UI: It is considerably more responsive without visible delay Search engine field that CAN BE hidden (while on that topic — every sane person expects this field to be used for filtering existing torrents and does not expect it to perform external web search) Narrower rows in the main list. More information fits on the screen as a result No comment/rating tabs (that don't go away even when you explicitly turn them off) No dialog window that ask you to rate every single torrent you delete (while ratings has been explicitly turned off) One problem that 2.2.1 has is "Apps" which you can not turn off, uTorrent keeps creating directories at every restart (at least App Pane can be hidden). And one minor annoyance is Find Content Pane (luckily can be hidden as well).
  4. No, I haven't stopped using Google, I've just installed Adblock Plus. When some text ad or a banner comes through I simply edit my filters.And I haven't stopped using YouTube, all I did is wrote a simple Greasemonkey script. As for video ads, it came as news for me that YouTube showed them. I didn't even know there are video ads until a year or two ago. And I mean it, haven't seen even one video ad on YouTube (or any video / streaming service for that matter) in my life. In fact I don't see anything on YouTube except search field, video player, number of views and a video description, all of it on a nice #000000 background. No 'featured' or 'recommended' crap, no comments and, of course, no ads. I use NoScript and Ghostery, have flash and any other embeds blocked by default. My browser doesn't accept cookies not only from 3-rd party sites but from any site, except from 8-10 specifically whitelisted. Good luck to ad-companies with tracking. So no. Ads are not ok. I'm not in a tiniest bit interested in what some advertisers think they have to offer me. If I'll need it I'll get it with no one telling me what to do and what to buy. Not to mention the fact that if someone have the power to push crap on you when they feel like it, this power will be abused. I remember times of IE6 and what average website was like back then. It was so fun when you click one link and have 10 windows open in background. I've stopped watching TV for the similar reason a long time ago. Ads upon ads upon ads. It became just unbearable. And it's what so awesome about computers and the Internet. You're in control. Don't like some website? Don't go there. Don't like how the site looks? Well, it renders on YOUR computer, how about that? It will look like anything YOU want. See pointless features in a new version of a program that's already good? Don't update. Don't like this particular program? Don't use it. Use another one. Write another one.
  5. I have a feeling that somewhere along the line Bittorrent Inc. forgot what made this particular software good and so popular. People that were turned off by all those 'all-in-one' solutions or just plain crappy clients found their needs perfectly satisfied by uTorrent. I can't speak for everyone, obviously, but let me make a guess that almost all users uTorrent aquired were drawn in because of its simplicity, speed and reliability. Once upon a time uTorrent was free, minimalistic but had enough power to get the job done, i.e. download data. For me personaly it had almost everything, except maybe simple search or some kind of filtering. Today we have extensions (that can't do anything), streaming (which is weird at best) and ratings/comments (who uses them?). I don't know who asked for all this stuff, probably same people who want torrent-specific chat implemented. And now we get ads, because company "can't keep the lights on". I don't want my bittorrent client to play videos, I have a separate program for that. I don't need my bittorrent client to rate stuff, ratings already implemented on the websites that distribute torrents. I don't want my bittorrent client to recommend me anything that "I might like", I'm perfectly capable of finding everything I need on the Internet myself. I don't use my bittorrent client to socialize, there are million of programs specificly for communicating. I use bittorrent client to download files. Bittorrent client doesn't have to be all-purpose blender that can mircowave food, vaccum my aparment, and iron my pants. It just has to efficiently download files. uTorrent became unusable for me since version 3 came out. All those pointless features, unneeded UI changes, and bugs that still plague 3.2 and 3.3. Things were getting worse slowly but steadily for a long time now. Please, PLEASE, do not turn once good software into whatever you trying to make for a last year and a half. Please do not make another ICQ.
  6. Thank you for the insight. That's very interesting and helpful.
  7. Wasn't that kinda the point of x64 version? I thought people were asking for uTorrent x64 mainly to have huge caches. Can you expand on that? What do you mean?For example, when I'm seeding a ~1GB torrent, I just turn off 'Remove old blocks from the cache' and override cache size to 1GB+ so the whole torrent constantly stays in memory. (Windows caching of disk reads and writes I have disabled.) It works well for 1 - 1.3GB torrents but not for 2GB+ ones for obvious reasons. Because I have a fast internet connection, after a day of seeding I could have close to a few hundred gigabytes of the same files unnecessary read. Earlier Firon posted that you better leave caching to OS. Why is that? Because I haven't had a good experience with Windows caching. When my upload suddenly jumps from 2-3 to 8 MB/s and torrents that I'm seeding are larger than my RAM, Windows just consumes all of it and then ridiculous swapping starts. I even have trouble minimizing/restoring windows. But at least when uTorrent's max cache size is limited it protects me from insane swapping even at the cost of slower upload. So can you as a developer explain what's wrong with big disk cache sizes? Maybe I'm doing something terribly wrong, I'd like to know what and why.
  8. The deselecting bug became even worse in 25329. Things I've noticed: (not sure if that's been established but it affects selection in the files tab and not the selection of torrent jobs) - it happens in 'ticks', every second or so, when uTorrent updates its GUI (up/down speed, seeds/peers, ratio etc.); - every time you get the same 'pattern' (for example: 10 files, you use ctrl+A or select them all by dragging, after 1 sec files 3, 5, 8 and 10 become unselected, after 2 sec -- 7 and 9, after 3 sec -- 4, you left with just files 1, 2 and 6 selected), and it happens the same way every time; - (from previous example) if you select the files by shift+left clicking, you get the same result (1,2 and 6 selected) but it happens instantly and not in ticks; - (from previous example) if you try to select single files and it happens to be not 1, 2 or 6 selection is removed instantly, you can't even double-click to launch the file, however you can right-click -> open them if you quick enough (selection/launching of files 1, 2 or 6 works properly); - torrents with one single file don't seem to be affected; - it correlates the with number of files in the torrent, more files -- more deselection you get (or at least it's much more noticeable). Some other things I wanted to mention unrelated to deselection bug: First of all, as many people have already mentioned, uTorrent UI in versions 3.x has really got slower, just by scrolling the list of torrents takes 50-60% of CPU. Someone posted a link to youtube video in the 32-bit thread some time ago in which you can see that by just mousing over the stars in ratings column you get 50-60% CPU load. Interesting thing is, that if you mouse over the stars in ratings tab in that "click to vote/please comment" thingy, you don't get the same effect and CPU utilization stays normal. Same thing with scrolling, files tab scrolls just fine, just like torrent list in 2.2.1 with no increase in CPU consumption. Some people reported (and I have this problem too) that some torrents get randomly rated 5, and I'm sure that I've never rated them. I haven't noticed any pattern there, only that it's always 5 stars.