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  1. I hope this is the right place to ask - i did look in the FAQ. Seems like with the 3.0 betas i've installed, i suddenly see my peer count zeroing out in days after a complete DL in all but a few of my loaded torrents (in seeding mode). In 2.x, I almost always had at least some activity in like 13 or 14 out of 15 seeding torrents. In 3.0, it's zeros in like 10 of 15. Plus my peer count now seems to never match the peer count listed on the torrent page for torrents I'm downloading. Right now I'm DLing a torrent that's supposed to have 8 seeders and no leechers, but my peers tally is showing 0 (2). I have the green check all the time, and I see nothing actually slowing my torrents, other than a smaller swarm than I think I'm supposed to enjoy. Is this a settings issue? If there is FAQ info on this, I'd love to find it. I've been using 2.x betas for a couple of years - i feel like I should be able to fix this, but can't. Thx
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