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  1. Currently I don't use a 2.x but a 3.0 (25454). Why? I got lured into trying the 3.0 versions hoping at least one (needed by me) of the features, "promised" for the never materialized 2.3, would be in there (already posted about that). :cool: I'm too scared to try to go back to 2.2.x because loosing my torrents would be very bad. Otherwise I'd be back at 2.x already.
  2. If I could find the one in the idea bank (one day I'll bookmark it) and if I'm not completely mistaken there was something about "scheduled for version 2.x" written there... Edit: found it! aaaaand (and maybe )
  3. Do you think this'll work for the other long-promised or long-expected or long-hoped-for features like "changing-the-download-location-of-several-files/torrents-at-once" and others?
  4. That's a new feature, not a "new" feature.
  5. Are there any plans to include "new" features into this version, something like set-a-new-download-location-for-all-selected-torrents-at-once-instead-of-each-one-seaparately or other things?
  6. I admit that I like that last idea of yours. Clicking on the one priority you want to set for all selected files chooses it. Or, if you don't want to change mixed files, the gray bullets will make you notice that the selection might be wrong. I want a system like that for labels, too (with a switch to allow only one label per torrent). :cool:
  7. Raises Hand! IFar Another hand from me. After giving it some thought the toggling of the menu between "Don't download" and "Download" according to the state of the selected file will be a major PITA when two files or more with different priorities are selected. It'll be the same as it is with the labels atm.
  8. Thanks, works like a charm. But I have to agree with rafi - the logic behind this is not really logical. Something like "toggle download" or similar or just a context menu which switches between "Don't download" and "Download" according to the status (priority, sorry) of the file might be a better choice IMHO or just integrate it into the Priority sub-menu (high/ medium/ low/ skip).
  9. Can this thread please be stickied? On a second note, is it possible to "undo" a "Don't download"? Example: I add a torrent which contains several files. Sometimes I don't want to download some of those files. I select the unwanted files, right-click and click on "Don't download". But how can I get a file to download if I accidentially set it to "Don't download"?
  10. If you're talking about selecting "Torrents" or "Downloading" or "Seeding" etc or any of the labels or sorting the list by a different coloum - that doesn't change anything. The torrents which get hit are still stuck with "Moving". Or am I missing something here?
  11. I stand corrected: it happens even more often. At the moment 16 out of 18 torrents that finished are still "stuck" with the "Moving" status even though the files are already moved for hours.
  12. Yes, I know. But this point is valid for all the features which have been added and only some people want or even use. Thankfully we both agreed that the "move all selected torrents at once" feature is kinda needed.
  13. Another bug I reported somewhere for version 3.1 or later is still there: the randomly not updated/ changed status from "Moving" to "[F] Seeding" still occurs, except it happens even more randomly than before.
  14. I think you can implement this with "run this program when torrent changes state" (in advanced->run program) Maybe' date=' but how can I prevent utorrent to report a missing file or blocking access if utorrent still locks one or more files of the torrent? And why should I go through the hassle of setting up a script when the programmers could do it more nicely in the program itself? + 1 ... We need more votes in the idea bank and I think a consolidation of ideas to accumulate the votes would be a nice thing to do. :cool:
  15. Just updated and found following issue: I use a label when a torrent has the status "Finished". Sometimes I select said label on the left side and when I move this torrent (or several) to a different dir (right-click - advanced - set download location), then add another label (for a moved torrent) and then uncheck the old label, the list isn't reloaded/ redrawn and the torrents are still listed even with the new label only. Which brings me to one of my most asked questions regarding development: When will there be a better "set download location" function which allows me to move several torrents just by selecting all of those and then set the new location once for all selected? Deletion works that way but setting a new location requires loads of mouseclicks for each torrent. :mad: It is even in the idea bank and was planned for 2.2 (!). Add more votes for it here if I understand it correctly:, here, here and maybe here (can't decide wether it's just this or the one below he/she wants). Another way to help would be the implementation of the "move to another dir when torrent enter status finished" function which has been in the idea bank for a long time but hasn't gotten any love by users and developers even though there was a loooong thread regarding this in the forums once. Idea bank links:,,, and here