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  1. Long enough to make it usable for stupid people (=99% of internet users). They're also the majority of people who use µtorrent, and they would like to see that stable version would automatically upload the set limit and would not stop somewhere between 80-90%. They would also see that you shouldn't need to even touch any settings -other than speed guide. So... Yeah, longer than a year. As long as it takes to actually make new version that download faster than the previous, or atleast so it wouldn't download slower than any other previous version (this is the catch: find a version that makes it slower and I'll clap 1 hand and give you 42 candy). Edit: I... can't.... write... Well, I'm part of the majority to say the least
  2. Just one question: Is the upload speed correct on the new release, or does it still hang somewhere of 90% of the set upload speed? Dunno why, but this leads to worster download speed even if the upload speed is set to higher level (ec. 65kt/s so the real upload speed would be something like 57kt/s). Other than that, you're doing great job! http://torrentfreak.com/utorrent-download-speeds-beat-vuze-by-16-100607/
  3. For me, utorrent don't seems to understand at all the upload limit. I set it to 50kb/s, it's uploading with 88 kb/s... Lol, anyway, it seems that setting it to 10kb/s makes utorrent to upload only something like 50kb/s what's just the right number for me
  4. I think there's a bug or something on a newest version :/. I had to install 1.8.0 back because download speed was only something like a 30 kb/s (now 1.8.0 it's 800kb/s). edit: hmm.. a bit more details, I think Ok, so I don't think that it's because my computer. I've 1.8.1 for a long time and never before it hadn't have any problem. But Today it wouldn't start to load any torrent at all. But no, no proxy, it's my home PC. And ISP... Well, OK, this ISP totally (I mean Totally) sucks, but I don't believe that it would block just 1.8.1 torrent (it's not on a list of ISP that blocks torrents). Now on a 1.8.0 and everything works perfectly . And the problem was, (repeat, repeat...) that it just wouldn't start to load anything ;/.