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  1. Another problem. When a torrent contain many video files, even though every singel one of them is streamable, as soon as I click stream and select the video I choose, I get "unsupported". Seems utorrent doesn't handle streaming when the torrent contain ex. 22 avi files.
  2. AdamK: Oh, I see. Good to know. Looking forward to stability :-) Then the internal playback code can be improved by not being shut down when the playback window is swapped with the overview window, or any other. :-)) And/or that it remembers where in the streaming it was playing, and resume that place when one return. I also had a direct problem, the pop out feature didn't work. Regards SD Windows 7, 64bit
  3. Hi The forced integrated playback is no good to me. It prevents me from accessing the torrent overview while I watch, and it shuts down the video playback when I do. Meaning I have to start the video all over again, and this is a big problem when I am streaming and a nuance when I don't stream. Because with streaming I have to begin at the beginning, no matter if I have seen the first 30 minutes of the video or not. And I access the torrent overview a lot. Meaning the integrated playback is useless to me, and the fact that it is forced is a problem. I prefer to have a choice, and I will choose to stream the torrent through an external VLC instance, not the integrated microsoft media player instance. If you fix the integrated playback, to not shut down the video when I access the torrent overview, then I would like to choose to use VLC player as the playback engine, not microsoft media player. Keep up the good work! Regards Svein Daniel