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  1. well i finally installed the update even though several sites i use haven't approved this version yet and i must say i am impressed!!! I love the new look and it works perfectly!!!! Keep up the good work and thank you for giving us a great client for macs - looking forward to what improvements you are working on next
  2. well i tried reboots of utorrent and also the mac adn nothing worked for me. I always have my port forwarded correctly and i redid my port rules several times in the router even using different port numbers. Nothing worked and allsites said i was not connectable and i did several port checked adn they all said my port wasn't open - even though i knew it was. I rolled eventually rolled back to the previous version after trying every thing and i was green immediantly. Do a google marinus and you will find a previous version - that is what i did!!!!! But i do what to thank the developers as you are doing a great job and i hope the bugs of this version can be ironed out and a better release coming out soon. I do love utorrent for mac - it is still the best client around!
  3. ok thanks for that i did close off utorrent and then double clicked and it unstalled just fine i'm not very computer literate so i do struggle with some of these things cheers
  4. ok jewelisheaven each time i d/l the update on the home page for version 1.7.7 and save it to my desktop. when i double click on it it just opens the one i have on my pc now and it doesn't ask me to close utorrent it just opens it up and i have no update it is still version 1.7.6 can you help me please
  5. i've just recently starting using utorrent and i love it now when will i be able to update through the update button in utorrent or will it automatically update? i did read previously that it wasn't one the server yet, so is it on or what? Used azureus before and never had to worry about updates as it was automatic!