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  1. Hmm, should not lines\values only overwritten? After all, the user can not add your own items in the settings, just change it. This is not a database, such as resume.dat
  2. Normal uT behavior. Do you think that the growth of the size - is this normal? Previously, the size of these files was only 19 KB, and not increased. Now like stabilized at 76 KB, but this is not a circumstance to 19 KB.
  3. Those files are exactly the same size (73 kilobytes).
  4. again increase the size? RC2
  5. Yes, files on a hard disk aren't damaged \don't move at torrent creation, but are downloaded as is shown in screenshots.
  6. Confronted with the problem - the folder structure is broken when creating torrent. That's torrents themselves - P.S. Sorry for bad English.
  7. Right mouse button on a tray->exit. Here what is the matter. Understood. Strange. Noticed such only on RC7. On RC6 all was normal.
  8. Bug in RC7: after closing of the program it continues to hang in processes, but on a hard disk does not render loading. It takes place not always, but enough often. Windows 7 SP1 64 bit I confirm bugs, which w000t specified on. P.S. I am sorry for bad English, I am Russian.