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  1. RC8 still gives "Disk overloaded 100%"
  2. Since updating to RC7 I started to get the disk overload error again
  3. I didn't see any mention of this, at least from what I understood from the various technical jargon but... Ever since I upgraded from 3.1 to 3.2 ( Due to constant disk overload 100% errors which fixed the problem btw) my RSS feeds are seriously screwed up. I have them filtered by date added and the new ones have no date or wrong dates or the feed doesn't show up at all. It could be a coincidence that all 3 stopped working properly right after I upgraded but it seems more likely to me that its a new bug.
  4. while updating to the latest version, after the program closed in order to open the new version it popped up the message that utorrent process is still running so I closed the process manually. now when I opened the program again it shows that the torrent I was downloading (~50GB) is being checked but stays at "Checked 0.0%" not progressing at all. When I stop the torrent and then start it again or force recheck it crashes. Any ideas?
  5. FYI, checked for updates today using build 16850 (2 new builds have been released since) and received "No new updates available at this time!". I know that the Mods here hate it when people complain that updates aren't released to the server right away but I also know that previously there have been builds with bugs that make them unable to update ever... I figure 2 builds behind is worth mentioning...
  6. lately, graceful_shutdown hasnt been kicking in for me. could it be a bug?
  7. weird bug: I hope I can explain this properly... Lets say I have 10 torrents in queue and the torrent list only shows 5, when I scroll to the bottom of the list, this causes the rss feeds list to scroll the same amount. meaning, if I dont scroll and then move to the rss list it is at the top of the rss list, but if I scroll down 5 torrents in the torrent list, when I move to the rss list, it will show the 5th most recent torrent at the top. why these two things are/should be connected, I dont know.
  8. Just my 2 cents... I find it extremely annoying that whenever I update to a new beta build, I need to recheck the "Start utorrent on system startup". I assume this is an easy bug to fix since all the rest of my settings stay the same.
  9. I too noticed a major dip in downloading speed since updating to 1.8.3(from ~200k per torrent to ~10k). Also i always had max peers per torrent set to 100 and atarting this build it connect to maybe a quarter of the max.
  10. A window pops up that says: "there is no new update available at this time!"
  11. @moogly: The claim was made by many including firon that auto update was available even thought it isnt at this moment. The 1.8.2s you see in the swarms must have updated manually. The manual upgrade option is a workaround an not a solution to the lack of an auto-update.
  12. @Firon: I'm still getting: "There is no new version available at this time!" Still on 1.8.1
  13. I have developed a phobia of updating manually after a previously unpleasant manual update during the 1.7 era. Now that 2 weeks have passed since the 1.8.2 release should I assume there wont be an automatic update available or will it be available later? (some versions of 1.7 im not sure if they were betas had a bug that only allowed manual updates)
  14. No. But then again Im not really familiar with any of the advanced settings. Anyhow, it shouldnt happen with the default settings
  15. Every time I update, all my torrents recheck. Is this intentional or a bug? Either way its a real waste of resources especially for extremely large torrents.
  16. Program wont update from build 11903. Any ideas other than manual update?
  17. I'm having the same problem as Daimonion (see my earlier post). Even with limiting local bandwidth there is a serious reduction in speed and overall lagging of the line in comparison to 1.7.6 leading me to figure its a fresh bug for 1.7.7. And to save alot of people the trouble... no its not my firewall
  18. I just updated to 1.7.7 and caught it doing something weird. It randomly decides to ingnore my upload limit, turning itself on and off at random intervals. I have my uploads capped at 20kbs yet once in a while it goes on 250kbs uploading rampages and ties up my whole network. during those episodes the L (which fluctuates) is added to the U and D at the bottom yet when it keeps to the cap there is no L. I havent had any problems with the program until this version (1.7.7) and i have been a user since 1.4.